Branded LED downlights now available for same price as unbranded at Downlights Direct

Branded LED downlights have always been seen as more expensive than unbranded ones – but the quality is always a big question for unbranded downlights. Thanks to Downlights Direct, however, customers can now purchase higher quality branded downlights for the same price as their unbranded counterparts.

UNITED KINGDOM – Apr 18, 2018 – The popularity of LED downlights has steadily been on the increase as more and more homeowners as well as business owners appreciate their features – one of which is their high-quality performance and their low consumption of energy, especially when compared to other types of lighting. But some consumers have the impression that LED lights are a lot more expensive compared to standard lighting, and although this was true a couple of years ago, it is a lot different today. The price nowadays of LED lights, especially downlights, has gone down considerably, thanks to more innovations from manufacturers.

At Downlights Direct, customers can see the difference in price for themselves. Customers who have become used to purchasing unbranded, low-quality downlights can now take advantage of branded and superior quality downlights at Downlights Direct without worrying about the cost. As Downlights Direct points out, “…We stock a vast range of high-quality professional LED downlights. Why buy cheap unbranded LED downlights when you can buy trusted brands like Aurora or Halers for the same price?”

This is all too true for Downlights Direct’s LED downlight collection, which features some of the most highly-rated downlights from Halers and Aurora as well as Philips, JCC, Click, Integral, and more for very affordable prices. One of the most in-demand products, for instance, is the Aurora Fire Rated LED downlight, (E5, 4.5W), with a price starting at only £11.69 (already including the VAT) from Downlights Direct. This is closely followed by another notable staff pick, the Halers Pro fire rated LED downlight (H2, 5.2W) for only £27.36. This price has already been reduced from the original £48, giving customers a sizable 43% discount.

Downlights Direct proves that customers don’t have to sacrifice quality for price if they want the right kind of LED downlight. The prices at Downlights Direct do not reflect the quality and functionality of the downlights on offer since Downlights Direct sources these downlights directly from the manufacturers themselves. Other offers include the Aurora 8W fire-rated downlight (IP65 and IP20), the Integral fire-rated low-profile downlight (6W), and more.


Downlights Direct has been a long-term supplier of different kinds of lights and lighting accessories in the UK. For those interested in learning more about the LED downlight selection from Downlights Direct, visit the supplier’s website.  

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