A Newcomer in Activity-Based Virtual Coin, Runtopia Releases SportsChain(SPC)

Runtopia, the creator of the namesake GPS-based running app and smart-chip equipped running shoes, Runtopia Reach. After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and participation in CES 2018, Las Vegas, Runtopia announced another significant launch – the SportsChain(SPC) Virtual Coins in the new version 2.9.0 on the App Store.

With the Runtopia SportsChain, users are able to obtain digital coin—SPC through daily running and by completing training plan challenges on the Runtopia App. This currency can further be exchanged for various sports gear and prizes on the in-app shop.

“Our app can track users’ daily outdoor steps through the accelerometer and GPS on smartphones and reward them with digital coins—SPC. Users could accumulate a certain amount of coins by each days and these can be used to purchase goods in our in-app shop including running sunglasses, sports bottles and drinks, etc.” James Si, VP & Co-founder, explains. “Runtopia is a smart sports & fitness brand that advocates combining smart AI technology to promote highly efficient workouts. Our aim is to satisfy users’ demands and experiences in life, health and fitness. We aim to enable the user to earn rewards from each step to make sports more interesting, and to promote an overall active and healthy lifestyle to everyone!”

The Runtopia App is currently free of charge to use, including the new SportsChain function. To prevent cheating, the app only tracks GPS-based (outdoors) steps, and therefore cannot be used indoors. Each user can earn up to 10 Coins per day. For a higher daily limit, the user can upgrade to the Premium Membership (to earn up to 20 Coins per day). By also connecting the RUNTOPIA Reach Smart Running Shoes, the user will similarly double the current coin limit. Good news, RUNTOPIA has recently also launched the sales of the Reach Smart Running Shoes on Amazon Launchpad US at the retail price of $99.


About Runtopia

Runtopia is a smart sports & fitness brand, with a vision to bring smart sports to the world, to provide anyone with a complete smart sports experience. Runtopia is a GPS-based running app, which enables users to track their own runs at any occasion, with customized training plans for races, weight loss, general fitness, and other high-level coaching functions. With the introduction of Runtopia’s smart running shoes accompanied by professional audio coaches, Runtopia is expanding into more categories of sports products and running services, and is committed to providing global users with more refined sports services in 2018.

To download the Runtopia app, please visit the App Store or Google Play.

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