Energy Stack Australia Launches Smart Calculator for Home Energy Use

Perth, Australia – Energy Stack Australia has a vast vision to make the lives of their customers easier. If a customer is looking to change up the energy efficiency in their home, this company can provide solutions. With the release of their new super-smart calculator, Energy Stack Australia aims to help their customers save time and money and make smarter energy choices.

According to Energy Stack Australia,many Australian homes could be saving up to ten thousand dollars in energy bills over a ten-year period. They are able to calculate just how much each homeowner could be saving by looking at the individual needs of each customer and compiling it all into a report that details how the energy savings can stack up.  Energy Stack Australia are also 100% independent and take no payments from the suppliers they recommend.

Energy Stack Australia will look at the individual home and match that with the best companies and equipment suitable to each customer’s budgetary needs. The different aspectsof energy compared are gas, electricity, solar panels, hot water, insulation, electric vehicle chargersand battery.More than calculating usage and costs, the company’s new energy calculator helps set customers up with the best energy and equipment providers for them. Even if the customer is short on money, the smart calculator will recommend a solution that will fit the customer’s needs best.

The Energy Stack super-smart calculator will work out the most efficient combination of these energy equipment and appliances: battery, solar, hot water, electrical vehicle charger, insulation, electricity and gas companies that will work best for the client. The calculator performs a smart algorithm that runs thousands of simulations of all possible combinations. The calculator will determine how much can be saved, what exact equipment to buy and which companies to go with in order to make the home more energy efficient. In the end these calculations aim to save the customer energy in the form of time and money.

In addition to their calculator, the company listens to each customer’s energy goals, whether it is to go green, lower bills, or options in the backup power arena. Energy Stack in Perth also keeps in mind individual circumstances in each report. Each report will come equipped with a detailed to-do list for the customer, along with three recommendations for suppliers of each piece of equipment. These recommendations will give the customer options to negotiate the best deal possible for the equipment.

Energy Stack Australia helps homeowners to lower their energy costs and make the smart choice to go green. With their smart calculator, they aim to deliver the best results possible for both their clients and the environment.

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