Equire Technologies Leads as Preferred Book Design Services Provider

Houston, Texas – Equire Technologies is a company specializing in the publishing process of content that specifically focuses on book formatting and book layout, has become a consumer favorite. Their expertise in the publishing space gives both writers and publishing companies from small to large a starting point when it’s time to go public with their work on a variety of platforms.

Publishing companies are not a new industry. But finding a publisher who isn’t bogged down for potential years, or one who can help with editorial production, can be challenging for consumers. With the rise of different ways to share and create content, many writers and agencies have struggled to move past the social media platform or blog when looking to publish their content in a more professional manner.

Writers or agencies who are just getting their foot in the door of the publishing world often have to deal with extraordinarily long waiting lists for professional help, which has spurred them to try to seek out quality freelancers for specific projects. However, this also has caused much misdirection in what kind of professional they need to hire. This confusion creates a lot of hassle and many headaches for would-be published authors.

Seeing this, Equiretechhas stepped in to try and help. Dealing directly with content across nearly any platform, they have been hailed as publishing innovators. They work with local and international publishers, providing e-book development, publishing and book design services that are affordable and flexible. They strive to provide these services through their highly skilled team. They have built this network based on professionals who dominate the traditional production and publishing sectors. 

Established in 2010, Equiretech have worked towards delivering content solutions for the many problems writers and publishers run into when it’s time to publish their work. They provide solutions for indesign book layout, book publishing, ebook conversion services, digital marketing, flash to HTML5 conversion, and translation and localization services.

Their goal of being a leading e-publishing company is backed by their dedication to innovative solutions and high-quality service for their clients. Equiretechbelieves in working through a step by step process that is customized to each client, so that every product is produced with exceptional and captivating results.

Numerous writers who might otherwise have been stuck on a waiting list, or whose content might not have ever been published correctly have been helped by the comprehensive range of services offered by Equiretech. For this reason, the company has risen in the ranks as a preferred publishing platform.

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