Philly Recovery Residence expands resources to beat staggering Drug Overdose deaths across the US

Philly Recovery Residence has expanded its rehab networks across the State and the country to help more people to get rid of drug or alcohol addiction.

Philadelphia – April 19, 2018 – Leading Philadelphia-based addiction recovery house Philly Recovery Residence has announced about its recent expansion of resources to reach out to more number of people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. The organization is now working with not only Philadelphia drug rehab centers but also with hundreds of facilities across the country to extend help for addicts who live outside the State. Philly  Recovery Residence is aimed to ensure the best possible rehab and recovery for the patients to transcend them into healthy and productive members of the society.

“Drug overdose is an alarming concern plaguing the country big time. A whooping number of  23,000 people have lost their lives to drug overdose in 2017. It’s high time we get serious about the menace and pro-actively participate to ensure successful recovery from drug addiction. If a loved one in your family is under the influence of drug or alcohol abuse, we are here to help you. We have recently expanded our rehabilitation networks across the State as well as the country and now hold a much greater capacity to help anyone who reaches out to us seeking help for drug and alcohol abuse”, stated a leading spokesperson from Philly Recovery Residence.

The organization needs its patient to go through a thorough detox process from rehab centers before entering its recovery house. According to the spokesperson, rehab is the most scientific and effective way to quit addiction and transform oneself to the right track. He cited 3 important reasons explaining why rehab is fundamental when someone is struggling to get rid of addiction. 

  • It’s dangerous to quit addiction without professional medical help and supervision
  • Uncontrolled addiction fast takes the shape of a progressive illness which can rush people to a threatening zone of NO return
  • Rehab helps people to learn about the different strategies to beat stress and tension in life other than addiction  

“You can’t just go cold turkey one fine day and such rush actions can even lead you to a medical emergency. When you are trying to quit addiction, you have to pass through clinical supervision and guidance that will help you to deal with the withdrawal symptoms in a healthy and more effective way. Moreover, a lot of people are under the myth that they can quit addiction any time. But that’s not the case. When addiction goes beyond control, only a professional rehab can help you to detox yourself successfully. Besides, professional rehabilitation will bring you on a positive track and will guide you about the different amazing things that life has to offer so that you don’t have to be dependent on drug or alcohol for your happiness.” 

Philly Recovery Residence helps its patients to break free of the dangerous cycle of addiction through its 12-step fellowship program. The program not only helps the patients to get rid of addiction but also provides them with the needed tools to cope up any issues with sobriety anytime in their life. 

“We are dedicated to find the best possible treatment option for addiction issues. We envision a society free of the menacing woes of addiction and overdose deaths.”

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