Blessings and Victims of Globalization – Thought-provoking book on the world, its politics and economics

“Blessings and Victims of Globalization” by Uwe Petersen
Uwe Petersen’s comprehensive non-fiction book “Blessings and Victims of Globalization” aims to explain the nature of Europeanism and its place within the world.

Everyone knows about globalization, but only few know about the true consequences. There are not only advantages, but also victims of the ever increasing globalization trend. Uwe Petersen’s new book wants to make readers aware of the fact that globalization also involves a globalization of the European spirit, way of life, technology, including the atomic bomb, economy and society. This means, that Europeans are, in a way, responsible for what is happening worldwide.  Discussing Europeanism, he stresses that it must not be overlooked that this issue is divided into a western and an eastern component, both of which have been globalized and have also brought their antagonism to non-European countries.

The aim of “Blessings and Victims of Globalization” by Uwe Petersen is to explain the nature of Europeanism as the cause and motif of scientific, economic and social progress. The author also explains its aberrations and how Europeanism went global via colonization and expansion. For the readers, it soon becomes clear that economic, social and environmental problems can only be solved through the further development of Europeanism, but Europe must be strengthened and its division into East and West Europeanism must be overcome. Uwe Peterson delivers a thorough and thought provoking book that showcases everything one needs to know about Europe’s current role in a world that becomes smaller and smaller every day.

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