Candles In Heaven – Heart-warming, calming book about death

“Candles In Heaven” by Patricia Stindt
Patricia Stindt helps readers of “Candles In Heaven” support children who lost a loved one.

Death is never an easy topic, especially when you need to talk about it with children who have recently lost a loved one – be it a person or a dear pet. While death affects all living beings, and is a natural part of life, it never feels natural to talk about it. Especially children have immense difficulties handling the fact that a loved one is suddenly no longer with them. They have many questions and some do not seem to grasp the sad truth behind the concept of death. The author was often confronted with the topic of dying and death during her life and decided to help others cope. She knows that talking about death is tough, but she also found ways to make conversations about this topic a little bit easier.

The book “Candles In Heaven” by Patricia Stindt is beautifully illustrated by Birgit Gaude. It is a helpful companion for parents and other close relatives, but also recommended for educators, therapists and persons in charge in nursery schools. The inspirational book is the author’s attempt to face a child’s insecurity, fear and anxiety related to the complex topic of death. She deals with it with much empathy and imagination. If you need to communicate with a child who experienced loss, but you don’t quite know how to deal with the situation, then the words of Patricia Stindt will be a great help.

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