QuestBotics Announces Launch of Exciting Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Kids Edu-Robot Toy to Market

Most parents want their kids to have access to toys that are not just fun but can help them become smarter. QuestBotics are answering the call with their new QuestBot for kids three and up and recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring it to life.

Coding and engineering are certainly skills that can be extremely valuable. Just learning the basics of them can also help boost a person’s intelligence. So why not expose kids to these ideas in a fun way at a young age? That’s the concept QuestBotics has moved forward with, with their innovative and dynamic Edu-Robot toy for children age three and up, the QuestBot. In exciting news, the company has celebrated the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring the potentially life-changing product to market.

“We believe that amazing things happen when we share a common mission, and our mission is to help kids and their amazing brains,” commented a spokesperson from the company.  “We know you feel the same way, and that’s a great reason to show support and help us get our QuestBots in the hands of as many kids as possible.” 


According to QuestBotics, the breakthrough toy set gives an introduction to controlling a robot, drawing shapes, letters, and emojis, and allows them to move their QuestBot and do math. All while teaching the lesson and giving the confidence that anyone can become great at science and use it as a part of fulfilling their dreams.

Some different elements of the QuestBot, include Arithmetic Qubes that help build math skills, Geometry Qubes, that teach how to draw shapes and even make decisions like a computer would, Programming Qubes, that educate on the basics of programming, and Special Qubes, that cover other fun, mind-expanding, and exciting areas. 

Not just for kids, the QuestBot helps families bond together in a way where all benefit in more ways than one.

QuestBotics have set a goal of $25,000 to come to market and the Kickstarter campaign ends on Sunday, May 20th, 2018.

Feedback from supporters has been passionate. Including when QuestBots were displayed at the high-profile December, 2017 Berlin Techcrunch event “Startup Alley at Disrupt Berlin”.

Brian Sanders, Deputy Director of Colorado Space Grant Consortium, recently said in a five-star review, “As a parent and educator at the university level… I believe QuestBots have the ability to inspire and teach young students so they might become an educated science citizen, or our next astronaut.”

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