Rent Smart Home Villas & Hotels at Lower Prices


Stay Villa and Hotel is making a breakthrough in the real estate business by releasing their Stay tokens for use. This ICO offers great value for travelers who are looking for extraordinary travel experience and the presale goes on from the 1st of May, 2018 and token sale kicks off from the 1st of June, 2018.  

The Stay Tokens give travelers opportunities to gain value on their travels. With the ICO offerings, token holders are eligible for free stays in all Central Asia Asset Management Limited (CAA) portfolio villas and hotels that are blockchain enabled and equipped with quality smart home technologies. Travelers can take advantage of the lower prices available through Stay Villa and Hotel platform.

With the purchase of Stay Tokens, holders can key into a wide range of accommodation options offered by CAA, stay in their properties and leverage every other benefit attached to the properties by paying just the service charge. The properties are designed to accommodate a wide range of guests of varying needs, travelers can choose from options such as 3-star hotels all the way to luxury villas with swimming pools.

CAA properties give guests the edge with the latest innovation in smart home technologies, from Smart home assistants to smart door locks, smart bidet toilet seats, advanced temperature control, smart mirror, sensor water tap and ultrasonic washing. With the emergence of the internet of things (IoT), they are taking housing to the next level.

Token offering

Guests at CAA properties have the opportunity to pay for on-site services like car rental, room services and guided tours using cryptocurrencies. This is the first but very important step in CAA supporting the blockchain and crypto revolution.

Co-Founder and CMO Brian Tham has said: “Our Tokens also help us in running the loyalty program by saving time in retrieving the data from blockchain and reducing management complexity.” The Stay Token concept has been reviewed by the ICOBox legal team and is being offered as a utility token.

Stay Tokens leverage blockchain technology to offer significant benefits to participants. The ICO is capped at 30 million tokens and it goes on presale offer from the 1st May 2018, running till the 31st of May, 2018. The Token sale kicks off immediately afterward on the 1st of June, 2018.

For easy conversion and purchase, Stay Tokens use the Ethereum crypto and 1 ETH is equal to 400 STAY TOKENS; a superb value for those that jump on before the boom.

To get in, visit their website and sign up here.

For inquiries, visit their FAQ page or contact them directly.  

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