Wantrepnr Seeks to Fill Entrepreneurial Skill Gap for Business Students

Career advice is no longer about resume`s and cover letters, yet most of the career industry is still driven by these factors, says Chris Evans, Founder of Wantrepnr.

Students are in need of leadership in regards to the changing business environments.

No longer is the traditional 9-5 employee in such high regard. We are entering an era of ‘alternative employment’.

An expert in Millenial Careers, Dan Schwabel has some profound research on this topic. When he asked executives of fortune 500 companies “who would you rather employ, someone who has done 5 internships or someone who has run a business that has succeeded or failed?  They chose the entrepreneur”. This proves that no matter how many different ‘tradtitional’ experiences you pick up, some experimental “business jockey” may trump you in the application process.

Recruiters had the same opinion with “1/3 of college recruiters… looking for entrepreneurial skills in entry level positions”.

Wantrepnr is on the pathway to providing these sorts of skill building opportunities for business graduates without them taking the risks of starting a traditional business with high risk!

“Eventually we see ourselves tapping into the power of VR and AR learning opportunities, but right now we are focused on getting the foundations right and making sure we are addressing the core problems” says Chris.

Whether freshly graduated or looking to change direction in the business field, many business students have been helped by the resources that Wantrepnr provides. Their dedication to providing quality and informative resources makes gaining entrepreneurial knowledge much easier and helps students stay ahead of the curve.

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