AK Solutions: Personal Renovations at Low Prices

Renovations Instead of Restorations

AK Solutions is a Mississauga company that was once a damage restoration company. It kept clients safe from fire, water, and weather damage before becoming a design and renovation company. They have the experience to complete any type of job from a kitchen renovation to designing and creating a living room.

AK Solutions can help clients remodel their homes on a tight budget and help their visions become a reality as they have a deep and detailed knowledge of commercial renovation for any size room or project. Many of their members also know about the contracting industry and can keep both the client and their home fully up-to-date and aware of the industry, legislation, trends, and changes in processes and materials to keep the company on the cutting edge of their field.

Communication is Key

Communication is also a massive key for AK Solutions, both with the client and the various teams working on a given project. Everything from the designing and planning stage of the renovation to the implementation of the changes is communicated clearly and efficiently by the staff to ensure the dream of the client is as perfect as it can be.

AK Solutions sees a home and business as not just buildings, but as places where a family lives, employees work, and significant time is spent. With every renovation, AK Solutions wants spending time in the room to be enjoyable regardless of the size of the room, state of the home, or the size of the renovation.

New-Home Feel, Without the Move

Even for those clients who want a new-home feel without moving out of their area, AK Solutions even does whole home renovations that make an old home feel like a new place; they can breathe life back into the building at a reasonable price. AK Solutions also promises that if the renovations uncover any new troubles within the clients home (existing wiring faults, leaks, or plumbing problems), they will be fixed along with the rest of the renovation to give their client the best version of the house they could want.  This can ensure that although the needs of a home can change with the passing of time, where the client is does not have to change, so they can still have the same backyard, commute, and social life without the stress and cost of moving to a new location.

About the company

AK Solutions has turned from a company that is called when major disasters happen to one that is called when repairs are needed, or a room needs remodelling. All they care about is the smile on their clients’ faces when they see the new repair. AK Solutions will go above and beyond to see that the client’s expectations are met.

Source: http://www.aksinc.ca/about-us/

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