Czech Entrepreneurs Plan to Open Eatery in Koprivnice with Festive, Inviting Atmosphere

VojtechVicsapi and MarketaVicsapi have a unique vision to create a restaurant in the bustling Czech city of Koprivnice.  Unlike many of the traditional and unappetizing dining establishments in the area, this new eatery—entitled Kavarna Luxury—will be modeled on the hip, exciting restaurants found in Europe’s most vibrant and energetic cities.  Vojtech has had extensive experience creating fine meals for select clientele while he worked in some of the most chic European restaurants, and he would like to share his gastronomic brilliance with the people of Koprivnice.

The plans for Kavarna Luxury are simple but extremely promising.  There will be five items on the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, but each dish will be a mouthwatering and delicious meal. Furthermore, in the summer, Kavarna Luxury will have two large outdoor barbecues on the terrace, where the restaurant’s signature steaks will be cooked.  Just as important as the food will be the atmosphere. Vojtech and Marketa envision a place where lovers of good food can gather for lunch or dinner and enjoy a relaxing, convivial ambience.

While Vojtech and Marketa have already purchased the restaurant building—only 200 m from the busy town center—they still need to raise almost $100,000 for renovations. These funds will be used to install new windows, redecorate the façade, and purchase kitchen equipment. To secure the necessary funds, the Vicsapis have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  For anyone who loves great food or would like to see these promising young people fulfill their dreams, please consider making a financial contribution to this project.

In return for supporting this project, backers may receive perks like having a meal named for them or ten free meals at Kavarna Luxury.

To learn more about Kavarna Luxury or to make a financial donation, please visit:

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