Jinjiang Swimwear Shining 20th Shoe and Sports Exposition

On April 19th, the 20th China (Jinjiang) International Footwear and the 3rd Sports Industry International Exposition (hereinafter referred to as “the Shoe and Sports Exposition”) will have its grand opening. As a subdivision in the sports industry, the swimwear industry’s debut at the exposition can be described as eye-popping.


– Whole swimwear industry supply chain to show the latest trend

New swimwear designs, featured fabrics, nice designed trims. Jinjiang swimwear displays more elegant products this year.

“This year, Jinjiang Swimwear Industry Association as the main organizer, utilized a 1,200 square meter area to create the Swimwear exhibition hall.” Hong Shucong, the President of Jinjiang Swimwear Industry Association told the reporters that the Jinjiang Swimwear Industry Association would standardize the exhibition hall in order to display a unified effect. For this exposition, the whole swimwear industry chain is involved to show the advantages of the swimwear industry. Lead the fashion, Strong R&D ability and professional skills.

Hong Shucong said that the Shoe and Sports Exposition is not only a platform for enterprises to display their products, but also a publishing platform for the frontier trend. This year, the association will guide the entire industry chain and will strictly control the product quality, only products with the best quality, latest technology and latest design or patterns will be selected. So the quality of product and display effect is guaranteed. “We hope to take advantage of this opportunity to promote Jinjiang Swimwear Industry to the world.”

– Excellent activities. A combination of dynamic and static to display “beautiful swimwear”

During the Shoes and Sports Exposition, in addition to the static exposition, there will also be swimwear fashion show, “Hosa –National Standards Revision Unit for Chinese Water Sports” award ceremony and many more excellent activities. Among them, the 2nd “Yong Li Jiang Xin” Jinjiang Swimsuit Design Competition won the spotlight.

“Many university students who took part in the competition have contributed a lot of amazing ideas. For enterprises, business model should be more youthful and thus it is necessary to recruit more young design talents to join the industry in order to strengthen the company.” Many swimwear companies mentioned about this during this event.

The key to the industry is the enterprise, while the key to the enterprise is the innovation. The creative designs are what the organizers have been expecting for. Ms. Shi, who is the person-in-charge of this competition, told the reporters that the contest was to facilitate the connection between design and industry, creativity and entrepreneurship as well as the connection between innovation and business.

– Enterprises work as a team Jinjiang Swimwear has a bright future.

During the Shoes and Sports Exposition, the “City of Swimwear Industry,China” award ceremony was held. As one of the four major swimwear production bases in China, compared with other areas in the country, Jinjiang Swimwear Industry has complete industrial chain, great international influence, high market share, good custom clearance service, advanced technology and equipment as well as other advantages enable them to win this honorable reward.

There is a set of data that is worth paying attention to. In the past 5 years, Jinjiang Swimwear Industry maintained rapid growth. The annual growth rate of industrial output was 13% higher than Fujian’s Textile Industry, and 16% higher than the National Textile Industry. Jinjiang Swimwear Industry output value has accounted for 23.6% of Jinjiang’s textile and apparel industry output value, 6.96% of Jinjiang City industry output value, 5.35% of Fujian textile and apparel industry output value, and 35% of national swimsuit industry output value.

“Jinjiang Swimsuit is now awarded ‘National Foreign Trade Transformation and upgrade Unit’ and ‘City of Swimwear Industry,China’, Hong Shucong told the reporters that the power of a single company is not enough but a whole integrated industry can be very powerful. This year, the Shoes and Sports Exposition is not only a showcase for the swimwear industry, but also provides new opportunity for the development of swimwear industry and ignite new development momentum to the industry. In the future, Jinjiang Swimwear Industry will keep developing and innovating to a new stage.

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