Graffiti Removal Services Are Environmentally Sound and Long Term

Canadian Restorations Improves Your Appeal!

Is your building warm and inviting? Or is it causing you to lose valuable customers because it looks as though it may be abandoned or dangerous? Chances are that you have noticed a growing number of buildings in your neighbourhood that have been vandalized, causing you and your neighbours to lose time and money trying to restore  valuable curb appeal. You are not alone. Graffiti or “tagging” complaints have seen a 54 percent increase lately according to a recent report in the Toronto City News. With this crippling rise in graffiti, it is going to be a challenge to find a reliable, professional service to restore your property and get your customers back in the door.

A Professional Solution

Canadian Restorations, GTA, located on 785 Westney Road South in Ajax, is offering around the clock and environmentally friendly graffiti removal service. Their team of experts is here to provide lasting solutions. Whether you have a single brick wall or an entire building, their trained and licensed contractors have the tools and expertise to bring the value back to your property on your schedule.

Not your standard sandblasting

The company uses a newer, more environmentally friendly medium. Depending on the situation, crushed glass, walnut shells, or baking soda will be employed. They choose baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), also referred to as soda blasting, because it is a much more gentle application for blasting that can be safely used on a wide range of surfaces. You don’t ever have to worry about your property being damaged by the process.

Protection for the Future

Let Canadian Restorations, GTA, show you how their service can save you money today and in the future. With their anti-graffiti coatings you will protect your surfaces from UV damage and weathering. This incredible coating is also easier to clean than standard paint, saving you money each time your building is tagged.


Cost-effective paintovers are an effective solution for your painted surfaces. Canadian Restorations, GTA, will provide a perfect match to the existing paint, restoring its appeal and saving you time and money because only the area that was tagged needs to be repainted.

More than Graffiti

Canadian Restorations, GTA, offers more than graffiti removal. Their team of local experts is prepared to provide quality solutions for cleaning a wide variety structures, whether for your home or your professional buildings and parking garages. Services include power washing for a wide variety of applications, catch basin cleaning, parking space line painting, and other necessary signage, including traffic flow arrows.

Available on Your Time

Whether you are a local church, like St. Luke’s United, who has seen a rise in their cost to combat this vandalism, or a small retail shop, it is quite likely you have been dismayed by the growing cost of graffiti and are in need of a highly respected, qualified service you can count on. Contact one of Canadian Restoration’s on call service agents who are available 24 hours a day — get your building looking beautiful again today.

About the Company

Canadian Restorations GTA graffiti removal services is built on a commitment to service, integrity and reliability, offering a combination of removal methods and an anti-graffiti coating to ensure long term beauty.

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