Crowall Offering Tennis Court Resurfacing and Installation Services

Crowall is offering a variety of services for sport courts. The company constructs, grades, and landscapes courts.

What does Crowall provide?

  • Planning and Design of a landscape
  • Fencing, evacuation, and base install
  • Patios and interlocking pathways
  • Draining systems


Soft asphalt

The surface is a specialty from Crowall. The surface is made of several layers of sand and stone. This surface can help reduce injury from general use of the common hard courts. A hard court can be present when the softer asphalt is installed on top. Getting a nice surface of soft asphalt is important because sealing asphalt can cost a couple hundred dollars.

Clay court

Crushed basalt, which is a dark volcanic rock, is what this surface consists of. Clay backs are generally softer on players joints, back, and knees than regular hard surfaces. Players can also slide into their shots instead of completely stopping, which can preserve energy. Clay courts are very common in England and South America for this reason.

Clay Tech

Clay tech allows for lower maintenance than normal clay. Actually, clay tech is generally lower maintenance than any surface made of clay. Clay tech has stone or brick; the court can consist of both if preferred. A hard court can be under the clay court. The clay prevents things like cracking and peeling. It has a quick installation and just like clay courts, is easier to slide into shots which can preserve players’ energy. It is easier on joints and also uses less water and clay than average clay courts. It is designed to withstand intensive use. According to, clay tech surfaces result in 85% less injuries than regular hard surfaces. A clay tech court provides a consistently slower ball bounce than other surfaces.

Artificial grass/turf

Similar to clay courts, artificial grass surfaces promote sliding and the soft ground is better on joints for players than hard tennis courts. The artificial grass has much less maintenance than real grass. The artificial grass has similar texture throughout the court which provides consistency. Players can better strategize and maintain better ball control. Players’ busy activity tends to weaken normal grass, but artificial grass is more resilient. Artificial grass is also eco friendly because it allows you to conserve water.

Acrylic application

The Acrylic application system allows for protecting and sealing of the surface. This allows for easier design of the court.

About them:

The team members are experienced innovators. They work hard to always improve their designs and methods. The company treats members as family and work to build strong relationships; they have been working as team for over 25 years and are continuing to strive for better innovations every day. Crowall has built many tennis courts throughout Ontario and other cities. Rocco Cornacchia is the designer and project manager who began his journey in 1977. He was been working hard for 40 years.

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