DCS Telecom Brings Innovative Telephone System Solutions For 2018

Is Your Communication System Dragging Your Business Down?

Our fast-paced, technological world requires us to have a real advantage over our competitors. Trying to communicate with outdated systems is a remedy for a slow death to your business. You need to have quick, reliable products and services in order to stay competitive and DCS Telecom, LTD is a leader in the Ontario area.

Sectors Served

DCS Telecom, LTD has committed to provide reliable communication and technology systems for education, healthcare, finance, retail, government, hospitality, transportation, and legal sectors. They do it all.

Find out more about how leading edge technology in education is provided by the Samsung Literacy Lab. The “Classroom in a Box”, a SMART Samsung Chromebook bundle, is one example. It connects campuses, offers cloud printing, and reliable, fast Wi-Fi integration throughout the campus.

  • Healthcare

Solutions are provided for doctors and patients alike. The Samsung Knox security tool provides protection for patient information that is maintained in a central digital location, capable of off-site access.

  • Finance

Digital security, coupled with mobile technology, provides enhanced customer service through their mobile-first bank branch product, Samsung Business Services and their mobile payments solutions.

  • Retail

DCS Telecom, LTD will help raise sales by creating an environment that entices customers. Showcase products with state-of-the-art video walls, give customers freedom to quickly pay using their mobile devices or by using tablet-based point of sale systems, and make staff real pros by using the Samsung Mobile Manager.

  • Government

Create a friendly, easy to navigate space with The Samsung MagicInfo solution. Their seamless systems improve communication and security to help your customers have a positive experience.

  • Hospitality

Guests expect fast, friendly service and look for Wi-Fi and printers to be available. They want to know their reservations are secure and correct. DCS Telecom, LTD can also provide top of the line TV sets, ergonomically designed handsets, and attractive signage to help ensure your customers have a quality experience.

  • Transportation

Fleet management tools enhance comfort and safety while providing precision tracking.

  • Legal

The Samsung Knox is built into devices for optimal security, giving peace of mind that sensitive information is kept secure whether in the office or away. Their systems allow improved communication and they offer high volume print solutions.


Highly trained and certified technicians deliver seamless system installations of phone, voicemail and paging systems. Voice and data structured cabling are available as well. All required hardware is provided, giving you more time to take care of your business.

Service & Maintenance

Stop worrying about what happens after the installation. DCS Telecom, LTD provides support and training, along with valuable warranties. 


About DCS Telecom, LTD

DCS Telecom Ltd, offices are located in Vaughan, Ontario. They have been a Samsung Partner for 18 years and provide enterprise wide communication solutions. They excel in sales, installation, training, support, and quality service of voice and data communications. Whether an upgrade of an existing system or a completely new installation is needed, DCS Telecom, LTD has the expertise to work with you to create the solution that is right for your business.

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