Bluerock group is extending OTC Trading with Bitcoin and Monero with professionals – massive liquidity assured

Bluerock is offering OTC Trading with professionals in leading cryptocurrencies and promises high scale liquidity with each trade. The company extends 24/7 trading worldwide with 100% privacy.

Zug, Switzerland – April 23, 2018 – Great News for investors aspiring for potential crypto trading with excellent returns. Rising blockchain trading platform Bluerock is extending high profile OTC trading opportunities worldwide with Bitcoin and Monero with professionals. The company stands out with the prospects of extremely high liquidity per trade (75mil EUR / 15k BTC). 

Bluerock takes a pro-active role in the ongoing movement that aims to revolutionize existent financial system through the pathbreaking blockchain technology. The company has introduced its Crypto fund for aspiring investors who believe in blockchain and planning for potential investments in cryptocurrency. The trading firm is armed with a solid team of trading professionals, including entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and hackers who command a real-life expertise in trading as well as in crypto & blockchain space. 

Bluerock is offering its blockchain-related services via two divisions – Crypto Fund & OTC Trading. The Crypto Fund strategy is concentrated on the main areas of – OTC trading, long-term holding of early stage tokens, margin trading, market making, arbitrage, crypto loan services and many more. 

The USP of OTC trading at Bluerock is that it assures trading with professionals who are not bound by regulatory limitations. 

“We are extending prospective OTC trading opportunities in Bitcoin and Monero for traders and investors all across the world. What separates our trading platforms from most of our competitors is our incredibly high liquidity assurance per trade. We have deep liquidity to buy or sell both the crypto currencies.  Our seasoned OTC traders are available 24/7 to assist in big trades for corporations, exchanges, individual investors and government agencies”, stated a leading spokesperson from Bluerock.

Bluerock is able to execute OTC trade in any value in any form or location given its vast connectivity and high end trading capabilities. Since 2016, the company has been utilizing the Crypto Fund for trading, pumping & dumping tokens & ICOs, arbitrage, developing & testing bots and certainly OTC trading. 

Speaking further, the spokesperson stressed on highly successful OTC trading with a strong focus on 100% privacy and security. Bluerock strictly abides by all the major security protocols to ensure complete secured trading, such as cold storage, multi-signatory requirements, Gnu Privacy Guard, PGP, tails and so on. Moreover, the company conducts big-scale OTC trades with military-trained operatives for optimum physical security.

“We are extremely particular about the guarding the privacy of our investors to ensure 100% safe OTC trading experience. We also take steps to educate them on the crucial steps to keep their data secured. It allows them to achieve the needed financial freedom, the freedom to choose on where to pay taxes and live as well as the freedom to access internet. We love to play at the edges, if needed. But then, we follow certain ethical standards and are strictly against any sort of illegal actions.” 

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