Digital Currency Quantis to Be Launched On The 25th of April

A unique cryptocurrency designed specifically for privacy

Quantis are proud to announce to the public, that the anticipated release of its amazing coin would be on the 25th of April, 2018. This digital currency which was designed with so much focus and emphasis on privacy, would be free to anyone who wants to mine it. And, with amazing features such as s p2p Intranet file sharing, instant tx, master nodes, anonymous transactions, decentralized tools, and self-sufficient and sustainable applications, Quantis promises to take over the crypto market in no time.

Quantis would not be having any Initial Coin Offering or pre-mining, in a further display of its uniqueness. According to a statement by the developers of Quantis, they said, “We welcome anyone who wishes to freely contribute to the Quantis Network, There is No ICO, Pre-Mine, or Investment on anyone’s behalf. We believe ln Quantis, and look forward to enhancing and upholding Satoshi’s protocol and vision”.

The feeling amongst creators of Quantis is that within a very short time, people would buy into the idea of the digital currency. Quantis was created with a viable and elaborate platform that allows its users to transact, communicate, and share data securely and privately, and since there is no middle man, user security and personal privacy is greatly enhanced.

Wallets for the cryptocurrency would soon be released on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX platforms.

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