ETHER JOY: A New Engine for Blockchain Project Promotion

In the history of the Internet, especially when technology was innovated, the first wave of dividends always started with games. The “Newzoo” report has pointed out that there are 1 billion paid-up game players in the world and it is already a mass group. However, only 30 million people hold cryptocurrency and only 10 million people actively trade. It is a niche group. If players can play games with cryptocurrency, ETHER JOY will become a huge traffic portal and platform. Assuming the role of cryptocurrency promotion ambassador, ETHER JOY will also become an engine for the digital currency industry.

ETHER JOY hopes to make blockchain transformation of the traditional games through community power and become the game-based blockchain traffic portal based on artificial intelligence to serve project parties, communities, and exchanges.

Three Advantages of ETHER JOY

1. ETHER JOY is the world’s first game-based blockchain traffic platform

ETHER JOY makes the promotion of project parties and exchanges by designing mini-games of killing time, holding grand prix and activating non-active candy users which can make game users convert to digital currency users, and increase the flow of the platform for project diversion and valuable marketing.

2. ETHER JOY brings great changes to traditional game environment

ETHER JOY uses the Token Economy to transform the environment of traditional large-scale games, change games from spending money to making money and open up the connection of games with other games and reality. The use of blockchain smart contracts can solve the high centralization and change the relationship of the customers, game developers and distributors, which can greatly reduce the cost of game player’s migration and give the game itself a constant stream of vitality.

3. Community Power – ETHER JOY creates the world’s first game-based blockchain self-driving platform.

ETHER JOY uses the Token Economy as an incentive model to encourage members in the community to join in the production, update, announcements, promotions, entertainment and extensions,of games which changes the way of traditional game distribution and creates an open game platform and environment. Ultimately, it will become a completely open platform with no development, no operations, or even no server.

EJOY takes entertainment games as its entrance, attracts billions of players into the blockchain, and integrates artificial intelligence technology to accurately  import massive active users for project parties. It also helps the Exchange gain more active users.

In EJOY, billions of players are diverted to project parties and exchanges through games and competitions. EJOY also plans to use the community to provide traditional game manufacturers with blockchain game remodeling and distribution channel construction, so that game users can play blockchain games in EJOY, which not only increases the user’s viscosity, but also imports billions of game market into the digital currency market. This lays the foundation for precise diversion of project parties and exchanges.

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