A Foundation Repair Company Based in Dallas, TX Announced Special Limited Time Seasonal Offer

Metroplex Foundation Repair is offering a special discount of $1,000 on all foundation repairs in the Dallas area for a limited time.

The foundation of a home that supports the entire weight of the structure above it often becomes subject to issues that can be disastrous for homeowners. Most homes across North Texas experience a combination of foundation issues due to environmental and structural influences that could lead to extensive damage in the long run.

Before the 1960s homes were built on cedar post piers that extended only a few inches into the ground and had a very little surface area to support the foundation of the house. Over time the surface area below the posts erodes, causing the foundation to lose its integrity and the ability to support the weight of the home.

A supervisor for Metroplex Foundation Repair, who regularly inspects up to 15 houses with foundation issues each week, says the major cause of foundation issues is the shifting clay in Texas soil that leaves hundreds of homes with damaged foundations. The first signs of damaged foundations are cracks in walls, ceilings and floors, sagging roofs and chimneys, and windows and doors that become sticky and difficult to open and close.

Other issues that can cause foundation issues over the long run are poor drainage, old rusted iron plumbing, overgrown landscaping, trees planted too close to the foundations of the home with no root barrier.

Proper drainage forms a vital part of foundation drainage. A positive slope allows excess water to flow away from the foundation, and gutters, downspouts and gently sloping soil guide excess water flow away from the home that helps avoid erosion and moisture problems from occurring.

Downspout extensions, plash-blocks, and underground piping are all methods recommended by Multiplex Foundation Repair to keep foundations dry and strong.

Another common cause of foundation problems is tree roots that lift the foundations of a home when they become overgrown. Root barriers act as underground blocks that prevent roots from penetrating the foundations by discouraging them from growing horizontally.

Excess water that accumulates under the foundation of a home can disturb the balance of the slab. Plumbing leaks and sewage leaks are the worst culprits as they can cause the soil to expand that places enormous pressure on the foundation. With these issues, excavation and sump pump drainage will have to be performed before the foundation can be repaired.

For any foundation issues call Dallas Foundation Repair for a free consultation to assess the extent of the damage and offer cost-effective recommendations for repairs.

For a limited period Metroplex Foundation Repair offers a generous special discount offer that makes it easy to protect home in the Texas area.

For any issues to do with foundations and further information on how to tackle foundations issues in the Dallas area visit their website at: http://metroplexfoundationrepair.com/

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