Kickstarter for Pantropy, a multiplayer FPS with crafting and mechs

Brain Stone GmbH is excited to announce that the successful ongoing Kickstarter campaign for Pantropy reached nearly $50,000 USD of $25,000 goal within 10 days from the campaign’s launch. The game’s funding goal has been met within 24 hours, but the team is looking to meet the stretch goals to add more content, including a Single Player campaign.

Pantropy is a science fiction massively multiplayer FPS with a focus on crafting, combat, and mech battles. A PR spokesman once described the game as “Planetside meets Mechwarrior meets Rust.” Unlike other crafting games, it offers protection from offline raids, an active NPC faction, missions, and much more.

Here is a list of the game’s key features:

  • Two player factions and one NPC faction, fighting on a 64 square kilometer (39 mi²) map divided into 64 capturable sectors.

  • Android bots fighting for each of the player factions; there’s always something going on.

  • Anti-Offline Raid System: you won’t be returning to scorched earth when you log back in. Your main base is safe while you are offline.

  • Jail Island! Lose enough rep with your faction, and get sent off to do manual labor until your debt is paid off … or until your friends break you out.

  • Don’t worry about trolling, getting killed on sight, or losing your entire inventory on death.

  • Base building mechanics that reward creativity. Build anything, anywhere.

  • Flying bases! Underground bases!

  • A bounty system, a reputation system, and player ranking.

  • Missions you can complete for resources if you’re not into mining.

  • Three tiers of awesome modular mechs which you can equip however you want.

  • Other craftable single and multi-crew vehicles: remote-controlled drones, flying transports, fighters, and more.

  • Tons of personal weapons you can create with an elaborate crafting system such as pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and rail guns.

  • Day and night cycles, AAA quality models, animations, and effects.

  • An original music score by Alex Pfeffer (Crysis, Wolfenstein).

If this sounds like something you would like to play, consider supporting the Kickstarter today to get Alpha Access or Early Access to the game. See the Kickstarter page for screenshots, videos, backstory, and playthroughs by people who had a chance to play an early build of the Alpha.


Meeting the stretch goals would allow the team to develop the game faster, hire a professional writer for the main story and the game’s quests, add character customization, introduce a Single Player campaign, hire more level designers, and to add a bunch of cool features.


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About the company:

The brothers Sebastian and Julian Kaulitzki founded Brain Stone GmbH in 2016. Sebastian has experience in game design and runs the business side of things, having owned a successful 3D graphics company since 2005, while Julian is the lead programmer on the project. The company is 12 people strong, working with developers who have decades of collective experience.

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