Furious Panda Software Launches Lead Demon, a Cold Email Marketing Software for B2B Lead Generation

Furious Panda Software Launches Lead Demon, a cold email marketing software for B2B Lead Generation. Businesses can use Lead Demon to consistently generate B2B leads and increase sales by sending cold emails with automated follow-ups.

The software is easy to use, create a campaign and set up a series of steps (emails) which will be sent out one after another. Import some prospects and Lead Demon will automatically prepare emails and send them out at random intervals in a human-like manner. The system limits emails to be sent only one at a time and will automatically stop sending emails to a prospect once a reply has been detected, even if the prospect replied from a different email address. Lead Demon can also be configured to stop sending emails to a prospect if they click on a link within an email or if they convert (signup on a website or make a purchase online).

Lead Demon allows for highly customizable emails. Using merge fields, it is possible for the user to personalize their outreach emails and the system will even warn the user when importing if data is missing. Lead Demon also uniquely offers click tracking without the need to use URL shorteners which will ensure better deliverability for cold email campaigns.

With Lead Demon, users are able to set up automatic email follow-ups. Each prospect can be sent up to 10 emails until they click, reply, or convert. Lead Demon automatically detects autoresponders, forwards and even replies from different email addresses. Emails are scheduled to be sent out at random times throughout the day. Users can also setup public holidays to ensure emails are not sent out to prospects on certain dates.

Lead Demon works with any email provider, meaning users can send from any email accounts including Gmail, Office 365 and any hosting providers that allow IMAP access.

For further information, please refer to the contact information below to get in touch with Lead Demon.

Media Contact
Company Name: Lead Demon
Email: Send Email
Phone: +353 1 697 2116
Country: Ireland
Website: https://www.leaddemon.io/