New Business Trends Report on Blogging Released by National Press Distributors

National Press Distributors recently finalized a detailed consumer interest report looking at the blogging industry.

With the rise of internet usage and the continual surfacing of new technological advances, blogging is a topic that receives a lot of attention. Companies like Google, Capital & Growth, and Yelp offer extensive commentary on how to run a successful blog. These online platforms provide people interested in blogging with information for beginners and advice for each step of the process.

This report successfully explains how blogging stays relevant no matter what happens. At first glance, the graph below depicts blogging as a search term with interest that grows and shrinks. However, look a little more closely. The line graph rises and falls, but the discrepancy between each data point is very small so these changes in interest are not drastic.

Google Trends image of previous 12 months for ‘blogging’

As you can see, overall, the term “blogging” has maintained a steady level of interest over the past twelve years. The interest in blogging has remained consistent because blogging is so common. This release emphasizes the stability of ‘blogging’ as a both a keyword and search term.

The actual report is lengthier but for the sake of the press release the findings have been intentionally condensed. The release at hand discusses main findings as discussed in the more detailed formal report conducted by the National Press Distributors.

In the past year, consumer interest in the term ‘blogging’ has stayed consistent despite the time of year. People are always in search of new information relating to blogging because bloggers work no matter what time of year it is. Blogging is not affected by seasons so it is relevant at all times during the year, no matter geographical location.

Google Trends image of ‘interest by region’ for ‘blogging’

In the above snippet, the interest in ‘blogging’ is clearly universal. In the above screenshot, you can look at the stability of interest in the search term ‘blogging’ over a stretch of twelve months. Google provided the data, supplying even more credibility to the graph’s display. Google is the most referenced search engine and the fact that the information shown is drawn from Google directly proves how relevant it is to ‘blogging.’

People all over the world are in search of information about how to start and host a successful blog. Some people wonder how to start a blog and follow up with searches about the best free blog sites. From there, Google users ask how to buy a domain name and once blogs are established, bloggers find interest in statistics and ask the question, “What is Google Analytics?” Overall, when it comes to blogging, consumer interest has been and continues to be very high. Anyone with curiosity about blogging should direct their questions towards the National Press Distributors’ press representative for answers.

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