Why Traders should use Exness Unlimited leverage?

Exness is the first and unique broker offers unlimited leverage. This is one of the best trading condition that Exness offers. Most of new traders will think “The higher leverage, the riskier”. It’s true but it doesn’t accurate. It’s only riskier if the ratio: equity/trading volume is high. If you open high leverage account, but you trade little. The ratio equity/trading volume is low. So, it’s safer. Because the higher leverage account, the low margin requirement. So if you open the same order value, the more free margin you have. So, that free margin will keep your orders safer from stop out.

Let’s do an example:

Your equity is 1000 EUR.

You open 1 position: 1 lot EURUSD

If your account leverage is 50, your margin call = 1000/100.000x50x100% = 50%.

If your account leverage is 100,000, your margin call = 1000/100.000×100.000×100% = 100,000%.

SO, it means, your account will be safer. Because it’s harder to get stopout for the second option.

So, the secret is open high leverage account but trade small positions.

Introduce about Exness Unlimited leverage:

You already understood that: the higher Exness leverage account, the safer. Now i will help you to register unlimited leverage in Exness. Unlimited leverage means Exness will charge you zero dollar margin.

Because most of traders who use higher leverage tend to open higher positions. Because the charged margin is always nearly zero. So, it’s very risky if you open higher positions. In order to keep new traders safer. Exness asks for some requirements to be qualified to use unlimited leverage.

1. Exness wants all traders know how much spread they can pay?

If you use unlimited leverage and you open too big position, your position can be closed instantly because of stopout. The reason of stopout is because of spread. You may pay spread more than your equity. And your position will be stopout instantly.

So, Exness requires clients trade more than 5 lots before they can apply unlimited leverage. Exness want to make sure their clients experienced their platform, knowing how much spread they have to pay,…

2. Exness wants all traders know how big positions they can open each times.

After opening position, your profit will be negative instantly and may be positive later. The reason why it was negative is because of spread. You have to pay spread for each position. Exness spread is very low but it’s still there. Exness afraids new traders don’t know how much position should they open and they might got problem because of opening positions. Exness requires all traders who want to use unlimited leverage have to trade at least 10 positions.

3. Exness wants to limit your maximum loss.

To protecting clients and Exness also, Exness only allow clients whose equities are lower than 1000$. Actually, because there are many cheaters have cheated their leverage system. So they have to limit the maximum equity. Moreover, there are many traders lost all their money because of unlimited leverage. So, Exness also doesn’t want to get any big trouble with them. So they limit maximum equity that can apply unlimited leverage.

See more detail about unlimited leverage here

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