Pallet Consultants Contributes to Environmental Conservation by Recycling Pallets

As one of the recognized brand among many, in the pallet industry, Pallet Consultants has made an innovative move to practice pallet recycling instead of pallet manufacturing. It has started utilizing used pallets instead of constructing from new lumber. This shift contributes to not only saving the lives of hundreds of trees but the environment as a whole.

Orlando, Florida – April 24, 2018 – The past decades have shown the effects of different industries to the environment, because of this and more companies have decided to become more socially responsible and started practicing environmental steps. This is when the pallet industry has become more conscious about pallet recycling. Since Pallet Consultants has been in the manufacturing of pallet for many years, they have always been recycling their products. The company is thrilled to announce that they are now recycling more pallets than ever.

The recycling method is an environmentally responsible practice and has enabled the company to create pallets from the used pallets. This will lessen the demand for cutting trees, and it does not give the company the challenge of finding materials.

The objective of the move is to save lives of trees. If their clients utilize used pallets, they will also allow Pallet Consultants to minimize the resources for handling and shipping as the transportation of pallets will also decline. Because of the many benefits of recycling pallets, it has been increasingly accepted by different companies, not nationwide but also globally.

Other benefits of recycling pallets include a clutter-free workshop, backyard or garage. And just like other kinds of recycling, it helps lessen the trash that goes to the landfills. It also reduces the energy lost in transportation such as fuel and other greenhouse emissions.

Another surprising benefit of recycling pallets is that the recycled version has proved to be stronger than the new pallets by 13%. This is due to the recycling process that involves the wood being seasoned and repaired resulting in the additional strength the recycled pallets possess.

There are two major services by Pallet Consultants. The first is for buying of pallets, and for the recycling of used pallets with 100% of the products. The company has employed highly trained experts and professionals. They are always committed to helping with high-quality pallets. Pallet Consultants can also help, check the parts of the used pallets in the recycling process. The company takes a huge step towards environmental conservation.

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Pallet Consultants is one of the best and well-known brands in the pallet industry. They handle manufacturing and recycling of pallets throughout the South Carolina and Florida Georgia. The company is also involved in the shipping and supply chain logistics industry. They cater design and tailor pallet programs ranging from new, recycled and manufactured pallets. Pallet Consultants is a proud member of FRMBC, and the company is a Certified Minority-Owned & Operated Florida Corporation.

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