24 April, 2018 – Multi-talented Lithuanian pop-rock band Justin 3 announces the release of their latest single “The Train” which is already being distributed worldwide digitally on major music platforms.

Justin 3 are pop rock band from Lithuania formed by actor and musician Justinas Stanislovaitis. They have been playing for more than 6 years but previously under ‘Alive Way’ and have been on a substantial amount of National Television. Starting out as a cover band, Justin 3 now has 4 singles and an E.P released, and their songs have been aired on almost all Lithuanian national radio stations making them a huge success in Lithuania.

The new single, “The Train” showcases the band’s globally appealing pop-rock sensibilities as well as some clean and keen storytelling abilities, one which regular listeners of the band are used to and have come to love, all coming together in free-flowing sonic exploration. From the first few seconds of the song, a beautiful melody will captivate you and take you on a beautiful sound adventure, while you bop your head in response and sing along.

The song is currently making waves on YouTube and can be listened to through this link:

Video Link:

You can listen to the band on Spotify (, iTunes (, and YouTube ( and is targeted at all lovers of music especially the pop-rock genre looking for something new and uniquely different.

Lead Vocalist Justinas Stanislovaitis believes that the band’s music is not only about showcasing themselves and their talents. Just like Bono, he believes that music can change the world because it can change the way people think and that Justin 3 with their music will inspire people, somehow comfort them and give them strength to get up for another round.


Formed by Justinas Stanislovaitis (vocals, guitar), a lyricist and singer/songwriter known for numerous performances on Lithuanian National TV with a host of international productions under his belt, Justin 3 songs are aired on almost all national and some international radio stations. Justin 3 also boasts of numerous TV performances and have played at the biggest Lithuania festivals such as Rock Nights, Granatos, Vilnius Music Week, Loftas Fest and Biker Nights.  Most aired songs are “I Won’t Break Down”, “Streets of Vilnius”, and “Illusion”.

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