Google Search is Hurting Small Businesses in The Online Arena & This Issue is Growing More Serious Every Day

The World’s Most Reliable Search Engine Has Failed to Give The Due Online Visibility to Startups, Freelancers & Small Businesses Worldwide

April 25, 2018 – Despite being the backbone of modern day internet use, Google Search is actually hurting the small businesses worldwide. Online visibility is the first step towards the growth of any personal business and since most internet users search on Google for everything, this issue is hurting many aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. An effective platform called Online.Bio has realized this serious issue and is now taking steps in eradicating this online visibility issue, particularly for self-employed professionals and freelance workers

“Google search results could be hurting small businesses. Freelancers cannot grow their business because they cannot achieve  online visibility easily and having a website is difficult and time-consuming,” said Adolfo Grego of, while addressing the issue. “Also freelancer’s business is slowly decreasing because people only search on Google and we can never find actual professionals there,” he added. Adolfo also pointed out that this is not entirely Google’s fault since Google is only another middleman between a user and a business.

According to the company’s spokesperson, Google has helped many economies grow, but its search results could actually be hurting the smaller participants of the economy, by limiting the visibility of those small businesses and driving business only to participants with larger budgets. Moreover, there is a complex science underlying every SEO and positioning strategy, which drives regular people’s businesses further down the pages of search results, thus making it harder to find them online.

Online.Bio is therefore working on a permanent solution for this problem by creating an automatic website creator for freelancers. The aim of this emerging platform is to become the first step towards growing any personal business and give self employed workers, small business owners and skilled professionals real opportunities to find more work online and to grow. This revolutionary concept will redefine the way small businesses operate in today’s online economy and will help this growing community expand easily worldwide.

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