Founder of Pocket of Money launches new app – Financial Wellness Marketplace

Founder of Pocket of Money, Dr. Maria James, announces an upcoming new service, the Financial Wellness Marketplace, using a compatibility algorithm to match companies searching for financial wellness solutions with personal finance experts and financial wellness programs.

Dr. Maria James is the owner of Pocket of Money, LLC, a platform she uses to provide business and financial advice to professionals and entrepreneurs. Dr. James has become increasingly popular for her simple yet effective financial planning tips and has recently announced the upcoming addition of a new service – the Financial Wellness Marketplace.

Finance is one of the most important aspects of life. Businesses, as well as individuals, need to get their finances right in order to succeed. Companies are beginning to realize the positive impact on not only the employees, but the company when they offer financial wellness solutions. This has lead to a rapid growth in the demand for these solutions. However, a comprehensive way to find, compare, and select financial wellness vendors that match company criteria is lacking. This is where the Financial Wellness Marketplace is particularly unique and helpful.

As a marketplace to find and contact quality vendors for financial wellness programs and materials, the platform bridges the gap between personal finance experts and companies that want them. After researching how companies find financial experts and financial wellness programs, Dr. James decided to create an app that will allow companies to easily receive a list of compatible solutions that can be easily compared and assessed on features and reviews.

The Financial Wellness Marketplace ensures companies spend less time and money searching for and qualifying vendors by using a compatibility algorithm to match companies with vendors based on specific criteria. This not only helps employers and their employees save the time and cost involved, but also helps to increase employee’s productivity.

The service is scheduled to open to a select group of early users in October 2018. Employers can join the waitlist to be an early user. Financial experts and companies can also apply now to be included in the directory.

Similar to the likes of other modern day marketplaces such as Airbnb, Uber, or Alibaba, the Financial Wellness Marketplace is looking to be the next big thing in the financial industry.

More information about the Financial Wellness Marketplace and Pocket of Money can be found on the website and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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