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Addiction is a condition that involves behaviours that are a driving force for fear, guilt, shame, and alienation. There is a ritualistic approach to the actual act of addiction that pushes the addict into a pattern of progression that leaves the addict unable to control the compulsive feelings of having lovemaking. After the lovemaking act, the addict is left with a negative self-image, carrying the stigmatization of what is seen by society as a moral failure.

It’s hard to believe that there is a way out. At the center of the addiction is the constant need to fill an emptiness without success. The addict’s behaviour continually progresses to more and more negative behaviour. It begins to seem, for the addict, that there is no way back to a normal life, where intimacy is not a trigger to worse and worse acts that just leave the addict feeling guiltier and more ashamed. The addict finds themself saying, “I can’t believe it happened again! Why did I do that?” The feelings of shame persist and the addict feels more and more alone.

Finding Relief from Addiction:

For the addict, the progression from normal intimacy to unmanageability in sexual relationships is characterized by compulsive, sometimes even subconscious activity. The addict may start with curiosity, possibly looking into pornography sites, then going to meet people anonymously, having unsafe lovemaking, or multiple one-night stands. Following each act of the addiction, the addict feels guilt and shame, and begins to feel that there is no way out of this debilitating pattern. Everyday life becomes a vicious cycle of destructive behaviour. At Canadian Addiction Rehab, we’re here to open the door to relief.

Family Matters:

Addiction impacts all aspects of the life of the addict. Family ties are damaged, trust is lost, and hope is pushed to the side. As the progression of the compulsive behaviour gets worse, the ties to family are affected in more and more negative ways. At Canadian Addiction Rehab, we involve families in the recovery process. The focus turns to rebuilding relationships that are impacted by the addiction. We help by bring a new outlook to solving the problems caused by addiction. We help the addict find uplifting directions that will lead to more and more trust — not just in others, but in self-esteem.

On the Road to Recovery:

At Canadian Addiction Rehab, we will help our patients every step of the recovery process. We offer a safe environment. We do not judge. We understand that your physical and mental health are part of the recovery process, and have expert personnel to help your recovery be successful, both in time spent at the center and in aftercare. Every step of recovery is important to us.

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