Everyone\’s Welcome is Making Kids Recognize the Hero inside Them, Grow to their Full Potential

Above all things, children crave for guidance and a direction to grow and live meaningful lives. Everyone’s Welcome is a non-profit organization that understands this fundamental notion, and through a range of activities, is helping children from diverse backgrounds work towards achieving their life goals.

Improving children’s outlook can bring about stellar results. Towards this aim, Everyone’s Welcome organizes a series of activities for the community and children, such as coaching, field trips abroad, and educational programs including after-school homework tutoring. Everyone’s Welcome works with children from all social backgrounds, and believes that all lives possess equal value.

Success is always desirable, but there also exists a deep seated fear of success and becoming what one is meant to be. Everyone’s Welcome believes this can be costly, and thus promotes the importance of encouraging and living by the virtues and values that define us.

We empower children through a role model approach and education, transforming individual lives. This creates a ripple effect through the entire community,” says Robert Wales Nelson Sr. of Everyone’s Welcome.

Through initiatives such as the Child Care Aware® program, the organization brings high quality and affordable education for all kids and families who require assistance. These initiatives aim to bring out the natural potential present in all youngsters and the great individuals they can become by changing their self-beliefs about their capabilities through mentoring, one-on-one college counseling and experiential learning opportunities.

Among its more specific initiatives, Everyone’s Welcome builds consistent relationships with children for academic excellence, promotes good listening skills for productive work, and shares strategies for success such as setting specific goals, measuring outcomes, avoiding negative phrasing of goals, etc.

For more information, please visit: www.everyoneiswelcomehere.org

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