Kris Degioia Launches Two New Companies

All those people who wish to know more about Kris Degioia and all her business ventures, the aforementioned website can be considered. She was a victim of cybestalking and has come a long way since her stalker has been put behind bars. As a successful entrepreneur, she is believed to have inspired several victims who have had a tough time with stalkers.

The first Company that Kris has founded is Savage&Fierce ®. It is an high end sunglass line f or men and women. They have been designed by her in conjunction with Mel Whaley. The products that are displayed in the website,  have become popular amongst users of all ages. The second company is Mom&TotBox. As the name suggests,  it deals with products made for mothers and children till the age of 4. This business model is based on a monthly subscription box and is known for high quality products that are made in the USA.

Whether it is the type of business or the association of Kris with renowned designers, there has been a positive buzz about the two new companies that she has started. They are diverse in nature and yet, are known to have the same values and ethics. The prices of their products have been described as competitive.

On Kris Degioia’s website it sates, “I like to design and it is this attribute that has helped me in my business ventures. The latter one has Rachel Towns as a co-designer and there are many unique products for women and their children. The idea is to provide customized products based on the needs of the children and their respective mothers. From clothes to accessories, and toys, these boxes are meant to be a lot of fun and have brought much happiness to all our customers.”

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About the two companies

According both websites, Kris is very particular about the quality of the products and services that she is associated with. Hence, she makes sure that all her work reflects this. The Companies that have been mentioned are online stores so that a larger number of people from different walks of lives can benefit from the goods.

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