SellBroke introduce a new way to recycle old electronics

Did you buy a new cell phone and do not know what to do with the old one? Is your old computer in your basement? Is the printer that you do not use full of dust in your closet? This problem is one of the effects of the well-known phenomenon of “programmed obsolescence,” through which people pile up devices that still have full functionality but are no longer desirable. You are now very happy with your new toy. However, the old appliance is accumulating space in your house, and the only thing that is being achieved is that your old electronics lose value day by day. Did you know that those devices that you no longer care about are worth money? Did you know that even if it is old, you can sell it?

SellBroke, a company dedicated to buying used items, tells us that this process to obtain money is very easy. Besides, this action helps prevent pollution in the environment.

According to the 2016 annual report of the Environmental Protection Agency, 416,000 mobile devices and 142,000 computers were wasted per day in 2010. If you have begun to believe that your cell phone is worthless or outdated, do not throw it away! Here are some tips so you can get money out of the devices you consider unusable:

YOUR APPLIANCES HAVE VALUE: You have to remember that all electronic devices are worth money. It is true that some are more valuable than others, but they all have a value. The price can vary by the state in which they are or by the type of product. For example, smartphones and tablets are the devices that have the most monetary value. This is because their internal parts are the ones that are most useful to reuse to create new equipment.

FIND A GOOD PLACE TO SELL THEM: At present, there are many places where you can sell your old electronic devices. Some companies offer you the payment in cash and some others give you the option to announce your device on an auction page they manage themselves. Evaluate all possible options. It is essential that you check if your device is really worth what they offer you.

CONDITION OF YOUR EQUIPMENT: Sometimes, we believe that our devices are failing because they have a crack or do not work properly. However, you do not have to worry about this. The store to which you are going to sell your electronic device will pay you according to its condition. Even when you think it is no longer good because it’s externally destroyed, the internal pieces do have value.

DELETE ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION: The cell phone or tablet is usually a device that accumulates a lot of information. Photos, videos, passwords, files and many more things are stored on this device. Therefore, before taking it to the place where you want to sell it, you have to make sure you have deleted all your personal data. Copy your files to the cloud or an external drive, then delete everything from your cell phone or laptop. An appropriate way to do it is through what is called “factory reset.” With this method, you will be able to erase personal information, and, more importantly, your passwords. Also, make sure that the micro SD card is formatted.

BE HONEST: If you decide to place your product for sale on a specialized page, indicate accurate information. The worst thing you can do is describe a product that you do not really have. Place the condition in which it is found, whether it is old or not, the color, the size, the year in which it was purchased, etc. If you have some accessories or the box it came in, include it in the description.

Less wasted equipment, more money and a little effort on your part can help eradicate environmental pollution!

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