Davies Law Firm Offers Assistance in Drafting and Creating Prenuptial Agreements

Davies Law Firm provides legal advice and assistance in the drafting and creation of legally binding prenuptial agreements.

Ottawa, ON – With a focus on divorce law and family law services, Davies Law Firm is pleased to announce that it provides assistance to couples seeking to draft and create prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements are legally binding when their creation is overseen by a qualified lawyer.

In this day and age, prenuptial agreements help couples answer serious questions about separation and divorce matters should their marriages fail. Davies Law Firm highly recommends prenuptial agreements for people who are already divorced and getting remarried.

The prenuptial agreement can protect any prior obligations from the first or previous marriages, as well as protect current assets in the event the new marriage does not last as planned. In addition prenuptial agreements should be considered by couples with significant assets and investments prior to their actual marriage.

While no one ever plans that their marriage will not last, it can bring peace of mind knowing should the marriage fail, assets acquired prior to the marriage are protected. Prenuptial agreements are not just for people getting legally married.

Couples that choose to cohabitate together without legally marrying can draft and create a prenuptial agreement as well. In this situation, the prenuptial agreement ensures how the asset division occurs should the couple’s living arrangements change.

Davies Law Firm does want to remind people drafting and creating a prenuptial agreement does require experienced marriage agreement lawyers. The wording has to be precise and there are specific criteria needed within the agreement to make it legally binding and enforceable.

For additional information about Davies Law Firm, prenuptial agreements, or other divorce and family law services, please feel free to visit their official website at www.daviesdivorcelaw.com or find us on Google Maps.


Davies Law Firm provides legal advice and assistance in the drafting and creation of legally binding prenuptial agreements.   

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