International Business Coach Travels Globally to Help People Live a Life of Passion and Purpose

Lori A McNeil, 20 Year International Educator & Business Coach
Sought-after business coach Lori McNeil is releasing a new website, a new program, and a new book for 2018. She is taking her message of education and positive change on the road in support of her new book, to be released Summer 2018.

By Zoey Thompson

Professional coaching is a concept whose time has finally come. More and more businesses are incorporating coaching into their standard benefits, understanding that professional coaching improves an organization by helping to amplify the unique talents and skills of high performers. Respected business coach Lori McNeil has a background in both education and business. She believes that this offers her a distinct advantage over other coaches because she understands the mechanics of learning and how to teach new skills to an unfamiliar audience. 

“Business coaching isn’t all ‘Rah, Rah, Rah,’” she explains. “Yes, it is true that we are motivating people to become the best versions of themselves, but we also have to teach them new skills and coax them out of their comfort zone rather than continuously falling back on skills they already feel comfortable with.  What I do is a combination of empathic coaching and classroom learning. I am developing hard business skills along, as well as, leading people towards a path of high performance.”

Her corporate program is something she calls “The Three Ripples.” She provides a keynote program for the entire organization, private coaching for 10 select employees, along with group coaching.  According to McNeil, she also performs follow-up coaching as part of her standard practice because it helps keep people accountable to their new goals and vision. Her program focuses on internal culture and how that has a direct impact on the bottom line and the external cultural flow to the customer.

“I have two new books coming out this year,” she says. “I Co-Authored one with Kevin Harrington. He was the original Shark of Shark Tank and pioneer of  ‘As Seen on TV’.  In it, I discuss those common mistakes made by businesses and how to avoid or overcome them and it also touches on the importance of company culture.  My second is more personal and discusses my own journey as a youthful entrepreneur. I was that kid who started a business in elementary school only I had bigger plans than just selling candy bars at lunch. By the time I was 11 I had taken out my first bank loan to grow my business. I’m hoping that people will enjoy reading about my adventures and find some inspiration from my experience.  Of course, I’m going to make sure they learn some solid business skills along the way.”

McNeil has been teaching internationally for over twenty years and has been awarded several meritorious honors, such as the Lifetime Presidential Volunteer Service Award and is a two-time recipient of the Paul Harris Award.  She believes that her successful coaching background is a direct result of being able to educate people in the process of change and how to create a workable plan that will help them achieve the goals they set for themselves.  

Her new website is up ( and her book will hit Amazon Summer 2018

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