Lionchain and the problems it aims to solve

Blockchain technology was created in the first place to solve the myriads of problems that plagued the financial service sector. After the successful utilization of blockchain technology in the financial service sector, blockchain technology has also been applied to various sectors of human activities, with the aim of solving different real-life issues. Cryptocurrencies have been utilized in various real-life sectors like the health sector, energy sector, the internet of things, and even the gambling and gaming industries. And they have been pretty successful in resolving the issue they were applied to solve.

Lionchain as the face of new generation cryptocurrencies even aims to solve more problems associated with the financial service sector. Lionchain was developed by Alpha Blockchain Labs after 3 years in Research and development.

The research and development team of Alpha Blockchain Labs is made up of important members from successful blockchain technology projects like Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Team members also include industry experts in different fields, ranging from technology to the financial sector.

This is one reason why Lionchain possesses all the great features of top blockchain projects, and also shed their disadvantages. With such technical strength and experience behind its creation, Lioncoin surely has the capability to solve real-life problems, and that is what it aims to really do.

Problems Lioncoin aims to solve

Facilitating a financial independent society: There are millions of people stuck in a financial rat race, and it looks like they might not get out of that confusing maze. These people see the attainment of financial independence as a task that can never be accomplished.

Although not everybody in that rat race sees financial independence as a herculean task. These optimistic and forward-thinking people have embraced the new wave of digital currency. A right investment in the perfect digital currency, at the right time, could change your life dramatically.

Let’s take for example the early Bitcoin investors, right now they are worth millions, but with the recent regulation on bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies which has reduced its value, Lionchain offers a new face.

Investing in Lionchain cryptocurrency assets can offer you a fresh outlook into the cryptocurrency market while embarking on an amazing journey to financial independence.

For paying remittances: Lionchain offers a great way to transfer remittances, especially to less developed nations. It will also help reduce transaction charges remittance of funds attracts. Sending funds from another country, back home to your wife or kids, can be exhausting, slow, and extremely expensive.

But with the utilization of cryptocurrencies like Lionchain, you can transfer funds directly to the people who need it, bypassing weeks of bureaucratic delays, third-party charges, and delay.

Eliminating a third party/centralized financial system: Lionchain is a decentralized, peer to peer, open source platform. This means it doesn’t tolerate a centralized control system. Blockchain technology itself was built with the aim to disrupt the centralized financial service sector, Lionchain as a 6th generation cryptocurrency aims to advance that objective, utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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