LOCKEDiN, the only decentralized smart contract platform that comes with a dedicated gaming hub

LOCKEDiN is the newly launched decentralized smart contract plus a full fledged gaming hub that allows the users to earn even if they lose the game. By holding LCKs in their main account, the user can get dividend provided by the smart contract. It is also one of its kind platforms to enable the users to earn even without playing and letting others play because they can get dividends for the number of LCKs they hold when other people play games on the platform. Furthermore, all of the earnings are instant, whether the user earns by winning a game as per the rules or simply earn dividends.

LOCKEDiN provides a source of passive income to the LCK holders because once fully implemented, the contract will have its own self-sustaining financial eco-system. Additionally, by playing games on the gaming hub they can have a constant flow of dividend regardless of they win or lose the game. Unlike the other platforms, the user will also have full authority to sell at any time and opt out of the LOCKEDiN platform.

LOCKEDiN is based on the Ethereum blockchain which in comparison to other similar platforms that allow an early developer purchase of 22 ETH, offers only 3 ETH to be written into the contract for the developers. It’s the only Ethereum blockchain based platform with 0% admin control and only 10% for in & out. Basically, this platform allows the user to deposit ETH after which they can be rewarded with a number of LCK tokens depending on the fluctuating price at the time of deposit.

To get started, the user will need some Ethereum and a Metamask address. When anyone purchases LCK by paying in ETH, 10% of it is deducted and distributed as dividend immediately. The rest of the ETH are with the contract and no one can claim ownership on them. Likewise, when someone wants to sell LCK, as per the current market price, 10% ETH are deducted from the selling price and distributed as dividend immediately.

As the people join and leave, the contract holders of LCK can share those dividends, therefore, creating a regular passive income that they can withdraw or reinvest anytime without penalty. This means those who choose to remain in the contract for a longer time can earn more rewards, every time other people make a deposit or withdrawal. The platform also provides seamless customer support on Discord and Telegram.

LOCKEDiN platform will automatically generate a shareable Masternode link for any holder with over 30 LCKs and if anyone purchases LCK tokens through that link, the user will receive 33% of the dividends that are distributed across all other LCK tokens. This is another way to generate passive income through the LOCKEDiN smart contract.

More information about the LOCKEDiN smart contract can be found at lockedin.io.

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