Stable currency AUSD: DIGICCY – a trustworthy cryptocurrency

With the block chain area coming, it opened up the world’s digital asset – era economy. With the arrival of the block chain, the global “digital asset big era” economy has been opened. Bitcoin has risen by a million times since its inception, The industry is shocked by the strong growth. The other digital currencies get a good development besides the bitcoin.

However, the prices of many digital currency are floating in the market, sometimes can fluctuate 30%, they are not suitable for daily payment and transaction because of the sharp price fluctuations, and the lack of money important attributes – universal equivalent. Although the volatility of digital currency increases the investment, it gives investors a short-term arbitrage opportunity, but in the long term, it actually hinders the application of digital currency in the real world. Eidda has issued a stable cryptocurrency with this background, AUSD to provide investors with safe, stable, and rapidly monetizable digital currency. Users can buy AUSD from the official website ( or through a digital currency exchange, such as ToAllEx.

 Stable currency AUSD:DIGICCY stabilizer —a trustworthy cryptocurrency

Why a stable croptocurrency is necessary?

The digital currency is not suitable for daily payments and transactions becuase of its large floatability, so it can’t be used as the currency. Currency is the currency money mentioned in our daily, we usually cost with currency money, rather than holding a piece of gold to go to the street, Relatively speaking, asset is low frequency applications, currency money is a high frequency of killer application. Therefore, the fluctuation of digital currency can greatly limit the wide application of digital currency.

In addition, the huge volatility also means huge risks, which will seriously impede the implementation of all kinds of applications based on block chain technology.

How can AUSD keep stable?

First, AUSD anchoring the dollar, one AUSD stable to equal one dollar, and the dollar is the world currency.

Second, AUSD entrusted with the Asset custody partner with the highest credit rating to make asset transaction, provide regular audits for currency holders and powerful legal protection, and participate in asset management, the issuer EIDDA itself does not touch the money.

Third, AUSD circulation can be check by smart contract in the block chain. And the total assets are hold by endorsement will be disclosed and audit to make reserves proved by a third party custody partners that everyone can view AUSD circulation situation by smart contract.

As a stable cryptocurrency, What are the actual applications of AUSD?

First, AUSD can be regard as a tool of “stabilizer” because of unique stability to reduce digital currency investment volatility risk, in the case of benefit, the investors could convert other digital currency into AUSD to achieve the digital assets value;

Second, AUSD anchor the dollars and price stability, so during digital asset trading, AUSD can act as a settlement currency and convert AUSD into legal currency when people need.

Third, In the course of international exchange, dollar access is a very time consuming affair, but the transaction can be completed in a few seconds by the AUSD.

Fourth, As is known to all, SWIFT transfer fee is very high, and you need to pay a portion of the foreign exchange conversion fee if you use different legal currency Banks, while AUSD can realize transaction between the EIDDA wallet with the zero charge.

In order to reach the mainstream population, the digital currency needs a stable currency to realize the transaction. Stability is the inevitable path of development of the cryptocurrency in the future, Assuming the stable currencies will be widely used in the future, the stable cryptocurrency application of AUSD is no longer an investment, but a daily use.

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