Azurexpat Introduces Travel and Expatriate Insurance

Azurexpat, a broker specializing in providing insurance for French nationals, is now offering international insurance solutions for travelers to maintain their coverage while abroad.

Solutions such as assurance voyage, assurance expatrié and pvt australie are especially beneficial to students studying abroad and people who leave France to work in foreign countries. Azurexpat strives to keep the insurance affordable while providing premium services through an extensive network of partners.

Azurexpat’s assurance expatrié is designed especially for those who are living, studying or working abroad. The coverage ensures that policyholders and their families get the best healthcare possible wherever they reside in the world. According to Betsy Hilliare, an agent with Azurexpat, the quality of healthcare varies widely around the world. Travelers might discover, too late, that the healthcare they receive on the outside is substandard to what they receive at home. In most cases, foreigners are not entitled to free or subsidized healthcare, so one small emergency can cost a fortune.

Azurexpat’s affordable assurance expatrié provides for the healthcare needs of travelers. A comprehensive policy covers vision care, maternity, dental, emergency care, hospital stays and other medical needs. Unlike other insurance companies, the policyholder won’t need to pay advance fees for healthcare as the insurance picks up the entire bill. The extent of coverage depends on the customers’ needs.

Assurance voyage goes hand in hand with PVT/VVT insurance as they cover trip cancellation, lost or stolen baggage, and compensation for accidents, legal assistance and medical expenses for travelers while they’re abroad. A lot can go wrong before the traveler actually reaches his final destination. Assurance voyage provides cover in the case of unfortunate incidents. The extent of coverage depends on the policyholder and the type of coverage purchased. Azurexpat’s agents help travelers choose the best policy and coverage for their needs.

Daniel Caesar had the foresight to purchase assurance expatrié with travel insurance coverage before he left for a 2-year deployment to South America. “I’m thankful for Azurexpat’s help in choosing the right policy and for recommending adequate coverage for medical. Healthcare is extremely expensive and without my insurance policy, I don’t know how my family and I would have survived. Fortunately, we can access the best healthcare without paying out of pocket. It is definitely an investment worth keeping.”

Students can also benefit from the affordable insurance plans. Whether traveling abroad for pleasure, study or business, they can protect themselves during their trip abroad. Visit Azurexpat online to learn more about their assurance internationale.

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