NeoDocto’s CEO Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa Met Smti Kipa Kaku, The Chief Councillor of Arunachal Pradesh to spread awareness about Malaria.

“NeoDocto’s CEO Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa and Smti Kipa Kaku, The Chief Councillor of Arunachal Pradesh during an event to spread awareness about Malaria.”
Neodocto Malaria Eradication Program is tremendously welcomed by every state representative. The latest addition to the list of collaboration is Arunachal Pradesh. The CEO and the Global President of NeoDocto, met the Chief Councillor of the Itanagar Municipal Corporation to propagate the Malaria Eradication Program.

Manhattan, New York (April 30, 2018) – NeoDocto was established with the motto to create healthcare awareness among the masses. The organization does the same in a number of ways. Also, the corporate social responsibility of NeoDocto is to take all steps to contain the effects of Malaria among the masses in different countries of the world. So, they have framed the Malaria Eradication Program.

With a view to taking the Malaria Eradication Program to different world destinations, particularly to countries that are greatly affected by Malaria like India, the CEO, who is also the Global President of NeoDocto is traveling in different states in India.  

The CEO of NeoDocto Mr. Madhukar met Smti Kipa Kak, the Chief Councillor of the Itanagar Municipal Corporation of Arunachal Pradesh, to share about the Malaria Eradication Program. He stressed the importance of such a program in Arunachal Pradesh considering the deaths caused by Malaria in the state. In relation to the Municipal Corporation, the Chief Councillor is the Mayor of the corporation and she is also the chairperson of the Municipal Corporation. It means that she has every interest in maintaining the health and wellness of the people in the municipality.

Mr. Madhukar shared different materials that clearly explain the role of NeoDocto’s program to educate people about Malaria and the ways to prevent the disease from spreading in their region. He also explained that Malaria is endemic in Arunachal Pradesh and necessary moves are to be taken to safeguard young kids, and also pregnant women from the dangerous effects of this disease.

Smti Kipa Kaku has played a major role in digitalizing tasks like getting birth and death certificates easier in the municipality. It is under her leadership that a website was launched for the municipality for helping people manage state rules online in the present digital world. She expressed her concern about the state of Malaria in the state and she was impressed with the concept of Malaria Eradication explained by Mr. Madhukar. She full heartedly extended her support to this iniative.

About NeoDocto Foundation:

Neodocto is healthcare-based software company established in the United States of America. It has branches in 81 countries to serve the 7 billion population of the world. NeoDocto recently established a new branch in India in Bengaluru to serve the local customers better. The organization has identified many malaria endemic states in India and targeting them more to spread the awareness about their Malaria Eradication Program among the general public.  This is a great initiative towards helping mankind and making the world a better place to live in.

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