Rigmining Leads the Investment Trend of Blockchain Payment Industry

Global Collect, the world’s giant payment services, was founded in 1994. It has provided more than 170 kinds of local currency payment in more than 200 countries. Its bank transfer function has supported nearly all of the banks in the world, and owns the world advanced electronic payment system. Based on its 14 years experience, it has also built the world’s largest acquirer, banks and alternative payment suppliers network,which are independent of the traditional banks.

Along with the derivative of Blockchain technology and the thriving market of global online games. Global Collect, to strength its leading power in the international global payment industry,issued the world’s first electronic payment digital currency GMG, which is based on the public Blockchain,to apply it to the giant online game payment industry.

And the Rigmining digital technology company,a giant of the encryption monetary investment industry,based on its previous successful investment experience of these mainstream encryption currency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, it keenly seized the great investment opportunities of GMG this time and invested a large number of mining machine to produce it!

According to the analysis of the world’s top professionals, GMG, as the world’s first payment digital currency ,with its strong support from Global Collect, targeting for the most potential online gaming market, this will not only lead its future payment business a prosperous future, but also a great improvement for Global Collect!

Also,professional teams of Rigmining has been confidence in the investment of GMG based on its years’ experience of practice in the field of digital currency investment,and predicting that there will bet more than 100 times earnings in return within 6 months!

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