Patrick Saada, founder of Infinite Diam, delves deeper into the diamond industry with Galith

Patrick Saada is well known for founding Infinite Diam almost 5 years ago. This diamond industry revolutionary, who has combined diamond mining, manufacturing, and trading in a single company, has now delved deeper into the diamond industry, cementing his expertise with Galith, an online jewelry shop.

ISRAEL – 30 Apr, 2018 – The achievements of Patrick Saada when it comes to the diamond sector are well known. For one, Patrick Saada founded Galdiam, a specialist supplier of fine diamond jewelry, and he is also the vice chairman and chief marketing officer of Octea Ltd, which is a diamond company that has interests in the minerals of Sierra Leone. Octea Ltd is also known for being a subsidiary of BSGR, or BSG Resources, which is one arm of the Beny Steinmetz Group. The Beny Steinmetz Group is an international private investment company which focuses on natural resources, finance, asset management, real estate, and diamonds.

Patrick Saada, being the founder of Infinite Diam, a firm engaged in diamond trading, mining, and manufacturing, is known for his golden ‘Midas’ touch – which has now been translated into another profitable and respected endeavor – Galith, the online jewelry shop that is managed and run by Galith, the daughter of Patrick Saada.

The family of Patrick Saada has been involved in the firm for years, and in fact, Infinite Diam proudly labels itself as a family-owned company with core values that include integrity, professionalism, and transparency. In 2017, Patrick Saada delved deeper into the diamond sector with the launching of the Galith brand. Galith, Patrick Saada’s daughter, is at the helm of this online jewelry shop, and the company website has an interesting story about her involvement in the diamond industry.

“From her childhood, Galith has been passionate about diamonds. She was born and grew up in the diamond capital of the world, in Antwerp, Belgium. Patrick Saada, her father, has extensive experience in the diamond industry and taught her everything regarding diamonds. In 2013, she was awarded a graduate degree as a gemologist, before joining the family business. Galith spearheaded the opening of the Galith brand design house in Tel Aviv, in the diamond exchange, and later, in 2017, launched the brand’s first outlet in Paris, France.”

With the help and expertise of Patrick Saada, the Galith brand is set to become another leading name in diamond jewelry – offering pieces which are not only beautifully-designed and crafted but eliminating the need for markups as well.

About the company:

Patrick Saada has made diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing his specialty for years, having founded the well-respected firm, Infinite Diam. To gain more info about Patrick Saada and his involvement in the diamond industry as well as diamond jewelry, visit the website.

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