Joanne Du Plessis presents more cases of hair damage claims with highly positive outcomes

Joanne Du Plessis is a respected solicitor, especially when it comes to personal injury claims such as hair damage claims. Her long years of experience have made her highly respected, as evidenced by the newly-released case studies on hair damage claims handled by Joanne Du Plessis with positive results.

UNITED KINGDOM – 30 Apr, 2018 – Hair treatment is undoubtedly one of the most popular beauty treatments available today, and many people have gone for some form of hair treatment at least once, be it a simply hair dyeing procedure to a more complex hair straightening procedure and more.

But since the hair and beauty industry has actually been deregulated in recent years, there has been a rise in the number of cases for compensation, especially in regards to hair damage. Joanne Du Plessis is a popular solicitor who has taken on numerous cases for hair damage with extremely positive results. She sets her case studies forth for prospective clients to read so they will know what they can expect if they seek help for hair damage, particularly with the advice and expertise of Joanne Du Plessis.

One particular case deals with extreme hair damage after having a procedure. According to Joanne Du Plessis, the salon carried out a chemical procedure for hair straightening, but during the procedure, the client realised that things were going wrong when her hair began fading. Even though the hairdresser tried to address the problem, the treatment left the client’s hair severely damaged – not only faded but also extremely dry and frazzled. When the client sought the help of Joanne Du Plessis, they arranged an appointment with a hair specialist. The specialist confirmed that a chemical procedure was used, which was not what the client wanted. At first, the salon denied responsibility, but when Joanne Du Plessis took over, the salon decided to make a settlement with the client for a substantial sum.

There are many other cases of hair damage which Joanne Du Plessis has expertly handled – from allergic reactions to weak hair to chemical burns, hair loss, and more. Without expert help, a person can be left with traumatic injuries which can affect them for a very long time. Joanne Du Plessis says it best: “Remember, by pursuing a claim, you are not only getting the justified outcome for yourself, but also preventing others from getting hurt.”

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Joanne Du Plessis has dealt with numerous claims for personal injury as solicitor, and her years of experience have made her one of the most trusted in her field.

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