AMA Animal Rescue Saves 45 Pet Lives In First Year

Brooklyn, New York, October 23rd, 2014 – AMA Animal Rescue has had the residents of Brooklyn, NY and the surrounding areas buzzing in appreciation as they have recently saved their 45th life.  Our pets are granted short lives which they spend bringing us genuine happiness and joy. Most people only have their pets and many embrace them as part of the family. They patiently await our return home and sadly watch us leave. What better way to treat such fragile and loving creatures than to give them a warm and safe home. To give them a chance to live a wonderful life. That is what AMA Animal Rescue is all about.

AMA Animal Rescue is a 501C3 non-profit organization saving lives of stray and injured animals; as well as those on the verge of being euthanized. Approximately 29,000 homeless pets enter NY shelters each year.  They are killed at an alarming rate, often due to minor illnesses they contract at the shelter. After facing these terrifying facts, two young women Anna and Maria, decided to dedicate their lives to rescue, protect and shelter those who are in desperate need. With time, they began to expand and found other animal lovers who volunteer their time and efforts for the common good of our furry friends. “But we are not like any other rescue you may already have heard of. Our goal is to raise awareness and connect with our supporters in a fun, educational way while working hard to open up an immense no-kill animal sanctuary that all abandoned animals can call their own” said Maria of AMA. AMA Animal Rescue is constantly hosting exciting events with special performances, raffles and prizes throughout all boroughs of New York City. “We believe that you can have fun while saving the world, one pet life at a time” said Anna of AMA Animal Rescue. The most important help you can provide any animal rescue is a temporary foster home until the animal is rehabilitated and AMA finds them a loving and permanent home.

“Many people ask us how to get involved and I tell them all the same thing. Start with the pets in your own backyard. Saving a life is a choice of morals and love. When the opportunity presents itself, will you save the life or look the other way. Also adopting is the greatest gift you can give an animal”. said Anna of AMA Animal Rescue. There are many ways to become part of the AMA community. If you feel that you would be interested in being part of the change, feel free to contact the organization and they will gladly have you as part of the AMA team.

On Saturday, November 22nd 2014 AMA Animal Rescue will be hosting an adoption event in Brooklyn, NY. The event will be held at 1207 Quentin Rd Brooklyn, NY 11229 and will give guests the opportunity to adopt a beautiful new cat or dog. There will be animals of all ages so come find yourself a new best friend.


AMA Animal Rescue is a caring and genuine 501C3 non-profit organization based in New York City and is dedicated to saving the lives of stray and shelter animals.  In their first year they have saved over 45 pets from the cold and hard streets of New York. They have provided medical care and loving permanent homes for these animals and that number is only increasing. Help AMA Animal Rescue save more lives by showing your support.  The organization was founded in 2013, and is based in Brooklyn, New York.

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