Aforen Igho spreads the gospel with his ministry – and a new book

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Nigerian minister has launched the World Miracle Crusades, a series of conferences in Asia and South America.

When Reverend Aforen Igho hears the Lord calling, he takes action.

Igho, a Nigerian minister, has launched the World Miracle Crusades, a movement designed to spread Christianity, healings, miracles, deliverance and salvation to Pakistan, India, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and nations in the Caribbean. He plans to hold conferences in these countries.

“We hear the sound of souls crying out,” said Igho. “The lives of hundreds of thousands will be changed and transformed. We want to see souls saved, healed, delivered and totally changed in the name of Jesus.”

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His organization, Heaven Fired Anointed Ministries International, is expecting to draw more than a million people to its conferences. He has assembled a team that will help him spread the word of Jesus.

Reverend Igho has also launched a website,, to spread the word about his ministry and collect donations.

“As we all know, this type of work costs money,” he said. “We have to cover hotel expenses for the team, airfare, ground transportation, advertising renting the hall, stadium ground and crusade transportation (transporting people to and from the crusade grounds). This will cost more than $700,000.”

Those who would like to support the work of Heaven Fired Anointed Ministries International can make an on-line donation at:

Donations of any amount are welcome. “We realize that not everyone has the wherewithal to contribute large sums of money,” said Igho. “That is not important to us. What’s important is that you donate what you can, supporting us with your thoughts and prayers, and spreading the word of our ministry to friends and family.

“Together we can change the world and make it a better place for everyone.”

Reverend Igho has also written a book, Discover the Real You, Change Your World, a work of self-discovery that promises to bring readers to a full realization of who they are.

“It is a book that covers all aspect of one’s life, he said. “Anyone who reads this book with total commitment and dedication will be affected positively and change the lives of those around them. Their lives and destiny will never be the same again.”

The book can be ordered on-line through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository and Xulon Press.

For additional information about Heaven Fired Anointed Ministries International and Reverend Igho’s new book, visit:

The reverend can be reached directly at:

Rev. Aforen S.O.G. Igho

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