Vancil’s new album took an interesting turn when Wills showed up

Ezra Vancil & Leslie Wills
A collection of Americana songs became much more when Ezra Vancil and Leslie Wills collaborated in the recording studio.

It started out as just another recording session, with another backup singer. But the session turned into much more, something that would drastically change Ezra Vancil’s musical direction – and maybe even his life.

Vancil, an Americana singer-songwriter from Dallas, had hired Leslie Wills to sing one track on his new album. Wills is a family member of the legendary Bob Wills and a former bandmate of Vancil when they were both teenagers.

After working together for just a short while, however, the two musicians developed a strong bond. Vancil was going through a traumatic second divorce, Wills was still reeling from a failed marriage and they were able to feel each other’s pain. This radically altered the course of Vancil’s album.

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“I had tried other female vocalist,” he recalled, “but after Leslie’s first take I knew that she knew exactly what I was singing about. Her voice and melodic intuition couldn’t be more right for the power I was looking for.”

At that point, Vancil decided to scrap his original recording project and make a new album with Wills. He included some of his more recent love ballads and co-wrote some new folk songs with her. Performance-wise, the duets just seemed to have an intense emotional quality that he had never experienced before.    

“The project became more of a team effort and the songs written by Leslie and me seem to tie the whole album together,” Vancil explained. “The theme was all about our shared history of love that didn’t turn out as well as we had hoped.

“The final songs that we wrote and recorded in the sessions we’re amazingly cathartic in both of our acceptance of past failed love but also leaving the work with an uplifting hope for a love that can handle the ups and downs of life.”

The sessions went extremely well but the project itself is now experiencing some ups and downs because Vancil doesn’t have the $15,259 he needs for mastering, mixing and pressing the new CD. To generate this capital, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

He is hoping that his followers and fans of Wills will help them finish the album. Donations of any amount are welcome.

Those who contribute $7 will receive a digital download of the album. For a $25 pledge, you can get a digital download, the new CD plus a Wills Session T-shirt.

For additional information, visit; the album’s Facebook page,; or Vancil’s website,

Vancil can be reached directly at

Another shot of Ezra Vancil & Leslie Wills.
Another shot of Ezra Vancil & Leslie Wills.

 Leslie Wills
Leslie Wills

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