Ultimate Typing Software Announces The Launch Of A Cutting-Edge Adaptive Learning™ Technology For Typing

eReflect software company recently revealed that the newly released typing software, Ultimate Typing, makes use of next-generation adaptive technology for promoting typing skills. The software implements what’s called “Adaptive Learning Technology™ – something unique to Ultimate Typing – that promises to facilitate typing skills in ways not previously imagined. All types of users, from typing beginners to pro typists, can benefit from this technology thanks to its capacity for personalization.

This Adaptive Learning Technology™ provides tailor-made, personalized exercises and drills according to the skills, knowledge, performance, and aspirations of each user. This technology works by screening the user’s typing performance and then providing a personalized set of activities which are entirely relevant to the user’s needs. Rejecting previous-generation programs’ methods that provide one-size-fits-all features, Ultimate Typing breaks new ground by giving a customized learning experience to each user.

The advantages of this Adaptive Learning Technology™ are many, with the most significant being its efficiency. As learners only practice those exercises attuned to their level, there’s no time wasted on already mastered drills, and the user remains engaged and challenged throughout the learning process. The Adaptive Learning Technology™ provides a smooth and interesting learning experience, thereby encouraging the development of more user-oriented software.

Adaptive Learning Technology™ results in users quickly and correctly mastering their typing skills, simply because they’ve been practicing on the correct activities. The learner is free to choose whether they will keep practicing a drill, or if they wish to level up. The software provides a charted progress so that they can decide themselves. Nonetheless, the software always gives recommendations on what the best course of action would be.

Ultimate Typing software’s new Adaptive Learning Technology™ shows users that typing skills are a matter of adjustability rather than repetitive, boring practicing. If the user exercises with the correct tools at the right level, learning takes place faster and is much easier, thanks to this new technology.

For more information on how Ultimate Typing can help you improve your typing speed and accuracy please visit http://www.ultimatetyping.com.

About Ultimate Typing

Ultimate Typing™ is an advanced typing tutor software that offers incomparably sophisticated typing strategies.

Ultimate Typing™ is informed by the latest research and scientific developments about efficient typing. With as little as 7 minutes a day, aspiring fast typists can substantially improve their typing accuracy and speed.

With its user-friendly and expert-designed activities all users can improve their typing. Accurate typing is possible thanks to Ultimate Typing. Plus, eReflect provides a money-back guarantee that cannot be matched.

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