A Canadian Immigrant Son’s Tell-All! Harvy Simkovits Shares His Story About His Finagling Entrepreneurial Father and Tumultuous Immigrant Family in Newly Released Bestseller!

Dallas, TX, USA – Renowned management consultant and executive coach, Harvy Simkovits has released a riveting new memoir of his family’s life post-immigration, Just Lassen to Me! A First Generation Son’s Story: Surviving a Survivor. Harvy’s father, John Simkovits was a native of Czechoslovakia who survived the Second World War and immigrated to Canada to escape Soviet Communism. In this inspiring memoir full of conflict and redemption, Harvy details how his father became a real estate mogul and created an empire through offshore money stashing, tax evasion and numerous lucrative yet dicey corporate deals.

Just Lassen to Me! details Harvy’s coming to terms with his father’s ambiguous business legacy. He went through painful ordeals in order to reconcile and rectify his father’s shady dealings. The title “Just Lassen to Me” refers to his father’s pronunciation of the word “Listen” and how all of John’s business advice began with that phrase. John chose his second son Harvy as the righteous heir to his business and thus conditioned him from a young age. On his father’s persistence, Harvy completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering at MIT but later dropped out of Harvard Business School to realize his own dreams.

After dropping out of Harvard and facing the hard-hitting reality of his father’s sordid business rendezvous, he developed a passion for organization development. Earning a Master’s degree in that field, Harvy has had a commendable 25-year-long career as a management consultant and an executive coach. Facing many hardships and life-changing consequences due to the business shenanigans his father precipitated, Harvy made it his life’s purpose to help family businesses and owner-managed companies to avoid wrong decisions and find success the right way.

Simkovits began his career as an author and memoirist in 2005 after the passing of his father. He felt his story needed to be told. He has written about how his extremely business-savvy father’s decisions had a negative impact on his family. As a memoirist, he is sharing his family and family business tale for the sake of helping others who struggle with the promise and shame of their family stories and histories.

Harvy Simkovits is available for interviews.

Just Lassen to Me! A First Generation Son’s Story: Surviving a Survivor is now available on Amazon.com.

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CYQB4D1

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