Introduces New Password Manager to Help Businesses Keep their Passwords Safe

Finland –The Finnish company Passwork Oy represents a service for working with passwords in the company and gives three reasons to start using it in clients’ business.” Many employees store company passwords on a sheet of paper, in a phone, or in an Excel spreadsheet, and send them to colleagues in social networks, by mail, or SMS. This is inconvenient and not safe. A number of consequences can lead to lack of control over passwords in the company.

Annually, banks lose $ 1 million as a result of hacking passwords of employees. is a new password manager designed to enhance security when working with corporate passwords. Through this password manager, the company can safely store all their passwords and employees can search the right passwords quickly. The administrator controls all the user rights as well as keeps track of any changes or actions taken by the members. 

There are three main reasons businesses should start using Passwork.

1. Keep Company Passwords Under Secure Protection

When installed on the company’s server, only the company has access to or uses its cloud-based version with secure servers. All data on the server is encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm, which is the encryption standard. Additionally, businesses can configure encryption in the browser. Auditable source code for a self-hosted version allows them to conduct security audits.

2. Save Time When Working with Passwords

More than 100 hours per year employees spend on searching and recovering forgotten corporate passwords. Passwork eliminates this problem with its feature that allows employees to quickly find the right passwords, invite colleagues to secured vaults, log in with one click on websites and always see up-to-date data.

3. Control All the Passwords of the Company

Passwork allows the company to configure the access rights to passwords for each employee, track all actions and changes. If the password is weak or compromised, the system will automatically notify them. This way, the company will be able to prevent lost passwords and ensure that they can deal with problems before it becomes serious.

There are many great features of Passwork that businesses can use for free. This password manager is simple and easy to use, much like drop a Dropbox for their passwords. In this, businesses can easily store their team passwords within protected vaults. This way, it becomes easy to collaborate with teammates, to track any changes, monitor their security, and log in with only one click.

General features of Passwork include safe storage of passwords, easy work and collaboration among teammates, and secure management of all passwords. The passwords are safely stored in Passwork as it comes with modern encryption levels RSA and AES-256. With this, all data is encrypted within the browser and stored on a server that cannot be decrypted.

Additionally, it uses two-factor authentication for most secure password storage. Through Passwork, working together with teammates and collaborators is easy. Sharing folders and vaults is possible while users are able to see the relevant passwords all the time. Furthermore, it features a modern, clear interface.

Perhaps the best feature of Passwork that its users will have the most benefit is the full control of passwords. Setting custom permissions, tracking every activity, finding unsecured and compromised passwords, as well as importing, dragging and dropping, exporting of passwords is possible. These features of ensure that businesses can eliminate the problems due to lost passwords.

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Passwork is a subsidiary of Aii Corporation, a team of advisors experienced in assisting M&A companies. Their specialty is in technology strategies, innovation, and leadership development projects designed to help companies restructure and grow. An independent team composed of diverse backgrounds ready to find a solution any challenging assignment.

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