Clean Eyelids Help with Overall Eye Health for Allergy Season

April Showers Brought May Flowers that Stimulated Allergy Season. Try the Eyelid and Lash Cleanser Spray by Heyedrate.

South Carolina, USA – ‘Tis the season to be sneezing. Seasonal allergies are no joke. Mold and tree, grass and weed pollen are the most common triggers of seasonal allergies. In most areas of the United States, spring allergies begin in February and last until early summer. So it is no surprise if you have been waking up with extra itchy eyelids, puffy eyes, or dry, inflamed skin conditions.

The good news is, there is help to prevent your allergy eye suffering. Eye Love founders, Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler, created a hypochlorous acid spray for use anywhere that you have skin. This natural formula has uses for blepharitis, itchy eyelids, dry eyes, dry skin, acne, rosacea, eczema, sun burns, and any other inflammation. When your eye glands are not functioning properly you may wake up with “sleepies” in your eyes. That discharge is your eye’s response to the irritation of bacteria. Everyday eyelid hygiene is highly suggested and could even be done at the same time daily when you brush your teeth.

The spray is 100% organic, 100% vegan, 100% all-natural support for your skin. It is free of alcohol, fragrances, and preservatives and contains no parabens or sulfates. This hypoallergenic diluted hypochlorous acid formula will never irritate your delicate skin. It is good for all ages.

The easy-to-use spray can even be used on the go in the car, at work, or at home. Simply clean the area of any debris or makeup and spray with the solution. Gently rub in (or just let it dry… NO need to rinse or remove!) Repeat morning and evening for best results. This formula can also be used anywhere on the body to fight bacteria and inflammation, following the general steps above. The fast onset of action starts working within minutes.

The spray is available in a 1 ounce bottle, 4 ounce bottle, and a savings bundle of both. Check out the highly reccommended line of Eye Love products on Amazon at

If you find yourself or a friend suffering with dry eyes or irritated eyelids, follow Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler in their Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community Facebook page. You can also listen to their podcasts on the Dry Eye Show on iTunes.

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