Finding the Right Used Oxidizers & Related Equipment for Environmental Remediation

Most industrial manufacturing produces pollutants. Sometimes these pollutants can be volatile or harmful and can contaminate the air, soil, or groundwater in the area. With the social and scientific push for sustainable business practices and reduction in pollution all over the globe, businesses may start relying on safe and effective clean up solutions now more than ever. Oxidizers are commonly applied in situations that require cleaning pollutants from the air and soil. Industrial businesses that purchase or rent used catalytic and thermal oxidizers not only save on the process, but they make it that much more environmentally friendly by recycling refurbished machines.

Deciding on the Right Oxidizer

Companies that sell and/or rent these machines, such as Intellishare Environmental, can help businesses find the right solution for them. No matter if a business’ problem is big or small, thankfully there are a variety of oxidizers to meet most any need.

The most popular oxidizers in use today are theregenerative thermal oxidizers, which use heat from a previous cycle to preheat the gases before they enter the combustion chamber. Because gases are already partially oxidized before they enter the main chamber, RTOs are extremely efficient and versatile. Typically, these machines can eliminate 95-99.5% of volatile organic compounds up to 10g/m^3 in concentration. For businesses looking to clean up their air inside of the building and before it reaches the outdoors, there’s no match for RTOs. These lean, mean, cleaning machines have already been used with printing, coating and laminating, metal finishing, Styrofoam manufacturing, fiberglass industry, aluminum can production, and other chemical process industrial manufacturing.

Potential Problem Analysis

Before embarking on any venture related to manufacturing, industry, or chemical reactions of any kind, smart businesses brainstorm what problems may arise. Whether the problem is likely or unlikely, easily managed or requires a professional, the more a business comes up with beforehand, the more they are prepared for any issues that arise later on. Having two to three solutions for each brainstormed problem is recommended in case the first response fails. Knowing which oxidizers a business will need for their manufacturing pollution, or any accidental clean up later, is essential to ensuring a clean and easy operation.

In order to maintain the Earth’s precious environment and sustain our way of life, not only are businesses finding ways to clean up their messes and cut down on the creation of them in the first place, but they are now starting to also be mindful of potential problems that may arise. With more businesses adopting this model into their company’s cultures, the brighter the future looks for us all.

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